The Oakland Post 1989-09-18

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Custodial crew workers search for asbestos in Wilson hall ; Hats on ; Dismissed employee accuses Labor Center of sexual harassment ; University Congress Book Fair gaining in sales; popularity during second year ; Program strives for good 'MARCS' ; Mix up ; Underpass to reopen under new owners ; University needs separate policy for harassment ; Those who won't speak should not complain ; Administration needs to develop whole school; not just tech ; Letters to the Editor Parking violators should heed rules; be more courteous ; On-campus unity a hopeful sign ; A higher education may be grounds for divorce ; A real eye-catcher ; Personal conflicts ; Quit worrying ; A night not to be forgotten ; A Mid summer Night's Dream ; Greek housing stagnant after three years ; First-time director shows intelligence; maturity in sex ; What's Happening ; Cheaters shouldn't prosper ; Let there be light ; Netters look different but play the same ; Third ranked Pioneers appeal to the masses with 3-1 victory over Michigan ; OU cross country team hurting with star Osmun injured ; Pioneer spikers struggling as season starts slowly ; MONDAY NIGHT PICKS ; Post to hold off on adoption



Sexual harassment, Book fairs, Multicultural association for retention and college success, Greek culture, Housing