The Oakland Sail 1980-04-14

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Tuition will leap 10-15 percent in Fall ; Organization plans draw criticism Senate considers med school proposal ; Prosecutor defends capital punishment ; Trustees will consider investment issue - again ; Acting as 'in-between' Interim presidency has its good and bad points ; Bishop warns of nuclear war ; U.S. owes apology to Iran says bishop ; Congress okays SAB chair despite problems ; Two members resign in protest of SAB chairman ; EDITORIAL Investment issue still haunts Board ; Tuition costs crunch budgets of students ; Commentary College: soon only a memory ; Letters Sail thanked for coverage of WOUX ; Congratulations ; Curtain closes on MBT's 14th season OU's professional theatre is still going strong ; Seven departments join forces to offer concentration in energy ; Grant delay by HUD stalls OU's married housing plans ; FEATURES: Music analysis: Electronics; tape loops and other Eno stories ; "The Plugs" supply power to music scene ; Rochester balloon festival prepares for May take-off ; CLB plans for Pavillion concert undecided ; Meadow Brook Festival announces Friday series ; SPORTS Effective pitching by All-Stars Republic of China downs OU ; New soccer coach named ; League play tough for OU's men netters ; Three recruits sign New prospects add depth to Frederick's cager team ; Stingers halt Half and Half ; MY TURN: Pioneer athletics: A parting shot ; Last week's best ; OU's contribution to the martial arts Vondrasek wins national judo title ; Et Cetera ; Village idiot ; OU welcomes delegates ; Rivard is voted new AHC pres ; Wilson's deer roam at OU ; SAGA salad hides surprise



Tuition, Oakland University. William Beaumont School of Medicine, Oakland University. Board of Trustees, Matthews, George T., Gumbleton, Thomas J., Student Activities Board, Meadow Brook Theatre, Married housing complex, George T. Matthews Apartments, Oakland University. University Housing and Dining, Meadow Brook Music Festival