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    • Applications of Subset Selection Procedures and Bayesian Ranking Methods in Analysis of Traffic Fatality Data 

      McDonald, Gary C. (WIREs Computational Statistics, 2016-11)
      Nonparametric and parametric subset selection procedures are used in the analysis of state motor vehicle traffic fatality rates (MVTFRs), for the years 1994 through 2012, to identify subsets of states that contain the ...
    • Combinatorial Algorithm for Quadratic Programs with Laplacian Structure 

      Kruk, Serge; Nierman, Ryan; Shi, Peter (Utilitas Mathematica, 2016)
      An algorithm is presented that uses a mostly combinatorial approach to solve a family of convex quadratic programs over box constraints. It is proved that for convex programs with the required structure, the ...
    • Curves of genus 2 with (n, n)--decomposable Jacobians 

      Shaska, Tony (Journal of Symbolic Computation, 2001-05)
      Let C be a curve of genus 2 and ψ1: C − → E 1 a map of degree n, from C to an elliptic curveE1 , both curves defined over C. This map induces a degree n map φ1:P1 − → P 1 which we call a Frey–Kani covering. We determine ...
    • Cyclic curves over the reals 

      Izquierdo, Milagros; Shaska, Tony (eprint arXiv:1501.01559, 2014-11-15)
      In this paper we study the automorphism groups of real curves admitting a regular meromorphic function f of degree p, so called real cyclic p-gonal curves. When p = 2 the automorphism groups of real hyperelliptic curves ...
    • Dynamic contact of two GAO beams 

      Ahn, Jeongho; Kuttler, Kenneth; Shillor, Meir (2012-11)
      The dynamic contact of two nonlinear Gao beams that are connected with a joint is modeled, analyzed, and numerically simulated. Contact is modeled with either (i) the normal compliance condition, or (ii) the unilateral ...
    • Dynamic contact with normal compliance wear and discontinuous friction coefficient 

      Shillor, Meir (2002-08)
      We apply the recent theory of evolution inclusions forset-valued pseudomonotone maps, developed in Kuttler and Shillor[Commun.Contemp.Math.,1(1999),pp.87–123]to the problem of dynamic frictional contact with normal compliance ...
    • Dynamic contact with Signorini's condition and slip rate dependent friction 

      Kuttler, Kenneth; Shillor, Meir (2004-06)
      Existence of a weak solution for the problem of dynamic frictional contact between a viscoelastic body and a rigid foundation is established. Contact is modelled with the Signorini condition. Friction is described by a ...
    • A frictional contact problem for an electro-viscoelastic body 

      Lerguet, Zhor; Shillor, Meir; Sofonea, Mircea (2007-12)
      A mathematical model which describes the quasistatic frictional contact between a piezoelectric body and a deformable conductive foundation is studied. A nonlinear electro-viscoelastic constitutive law is used to model the ...
    • Isogenous elliptic subcovers of genus two curves 

      Beshaj, Lubjana; Elezi, Artur; Shaska, Tony (2017-11-02)
      We prove that for $N=2,3, 5, 7$ there are only finitely many genus two curves $\X$ (up to isomorphism) defined over $\Q$ with $(2, 2)$-split Jacobian and $\Aut (\X)\iso V_4$, such that their elliptic subcovers are ...
    • Kalkulus I 

      Shaska, Tanush (AulonaPress, 2017-12-03)
    • Mathematical model for outgassing and contamination 

      Shillor, Meir (1991-10)
      A model for the mathematical description of the processes of outgassing and contamination in a vacuum system is proposed. The underlying assumptions are diffusion in the source, convection and diffusion in the cavity, mass ...
    • Mësimdhënia e matematikës nëpërmjet problemeve klasike 

      Shaska, Tony; Shaska, Bedri (Albanian J. Math., 2016-12-03)
      In this paper we discuss how teaching of mathematics for middle school and high school students can be improved dramatically when motivation of concepts and ideas is done through the classical problems and the history of ...
    • A Model for Chagas Disease with Oral and Congenital Transmission 

      Coffield, Daniel; Spagnuolo, Anna Maria; Shillor, Meir; Mema, Ensela; Pell, Bruce; Pruzinsky, Amanda; Zetye, Alexandra (2013-06)
      This work presents a new mathematical model for the domestic transmission of Chagas disease, a parasitic disease affecting humans and other mammals throughout Central and South America. The model takes into account congenital ...
    • On generalized superelliptic Riemann surfaces 

      Hidalgo, Ruben; Quispe, Saul; Shaska, Tony (eprint arXiv:1609.09576, 2016-11-01)
      A closed Riemann surface X, of genus g ≥ 2, is called a generalized superelliptic curve of level n ≥ 2 if it admits an order n conformal automorphism τ so that X/hτihas genus zero and τ is central in Aut(X); the cyclic ...
    • On the automorphism groups of some AG-codes based on C_{a,b} curves 

      Shaska, Tony; Wang, Quang (2006-01-15)
      We study Ca,b curves and their applications to coding theory. Recently, Joyner and Ksir have suggested a decoding algorithm based on the automorphisms of the code. We show how Ca,b curves can be used to construct MDS ...
    • A one-dimensional spot welding model 

      Andrews, K.T.; Guessous, L.; Nassar, S.; Putta, S.V.; Shillor, Meir (2006-11)
      A one-dimensional model is proposed for the simulations of resistance spot welding, which is a common industrial method used to join metallic plates by electrical heating. The model consists of the Stefan problem, in ...
    • Product measurability with applications to a stochastic contact problem with friction 

      Kuttler, Kenneth; Shillor, Meir (2014-12)
      A new product measurability result for evolution equations with random inputs, when there is no uniqueness of the ω-wise problem, is established using results on measurable selection theorems for measurable multi- functions. ...
    • Rational points in the moduli space of genus two 

      Shaska, Tony; Beshaj, Lubjana; Hidalgo, Ruben; Kruk, Serge; Malmendier, Andreas; Quispe, Saul (Contemporary Mathematics, 2018)
      We build a database of genus 2 curves defined over the field of rationals.
    • Regularity result for the problem of vibrations of a nonlinear beam 

      M'Bengue, M.F.; Shillor, Meir (2008-02)
      A model for the dynamics of the Gaonon linear beam, which allows for buckling, is studied. Existence and uniqueness of the local weak solution was established in Andrews et al. (2008). In this work the further regularity ...
    • Self-inversive polynomials, curves, and codes 

      Shaska, Tony; Joyner, David (American Mathematical Society, 2016-03-05)
      We study connections between self-inversive and self-reciprocal polynomials, reduction theory of binary forms, minimal models of curves, and formally self-dual codes