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    • Gender and Casual Sex from Adolescence to Young Adulthood: Social and Life Course Correlates 

      Lyons, Heidi A.; Manning, Wendy D.; Longmore, Monica A.; Giordano, Peggy C. (2014)
      The prevalence of casual sexual activity among teens and emerging adults has led to much public attention. Yet limited research has investigated whether the number of casual sexual partners per year changes as ...
    • Gender, Race, and Age of Librarians and Users Have an Impact on the Perceived Approachability of Librarians 

      Daniel, Dominique (University of Alberta Learning Services, 2013)
      A Review of: Bonnet, J. L., & McAlexander, B. (2012). Structural diversity in academic libraries: A study of librarian approachability. The Journal of Academic Librarianship, 38(5), 277-286. doi:10.1016/j.acalib.2012.06.002
    • The Gene Encoding Dihydroflavonol 4-Reductase Is a Candidate for the anthocyaninless Locus of Rapid Cycling Brassica rapa (Fast Plants Type) 

      Wendell, Douglas L. (PLOS ONE, 2016-08-22)
      Rapid cycling Brassica rapa, also known as Wisconsin Fast Plants, are a widely used organism in both K-12 and college science education. They are an excellent system for genetics laboratory instruction because it is very ...
    • Global patterns and drivers of ecosystem functioning in rivers and riparian zones 

      Tiegs, Scott D.; Costello, David M.; Isken, Mark W.; Woodward, Guy; McIntyre, Peter B.; Gessner, Mark O.; Chauvet, Eric; Griffiths, Natalie A.; Flecker, Alex S.; Acuña, Vicenç; Albariño, Ricardo; Allen, Daniel C.; Alonso, Cecilia; Andino, Patricio; Arango, Clay; Aroviita, Jukka; Barbosa, Marcus V. M.; Barmuta, Leon A.; Baxter, Colden V.; Bell, Thomas D. C.; Bellinger, Brent; Boyero, Luz; Brown, Lee E.; Bruder, Andreas; Bruesewitz, Denise A.; Burdon, Francis J.; Callisto, Marcos; Canhoto, Cristina; Capps, Krista A.; Castillo, María M.; Clapcott, Joanne; Colas, Fanny; Colón-Gaud, Checo; Cornut, Julien; Crespo-Pérez, Verónica; Cross, Wyatt F.; Culp, Joseph M.; Danger, Michael; Dangles, Olivier; de Eyto, Elvira; Derry, Alison M.; Díaz Villanueva, Veronica; Douglas, Michael M.; Elosegi, Arturo; Encalada, Andrea C.; Entrekin, Sally; Espinosa, Rodrigo; Ethaiya, Diana; Ferreira, Verónica; Ferriol, Carmen; Flanagan, Kyla M.; Fleituch, Tadeusz; Follstad Shah, Jennifer J.; Frainer Barbosa, André; Friberg, Nikolai; Frost, Paul C.; Garcia, Erica A.; García Lago, Liliana; García Soto, Pavel Ernesto; Ghate, Sudeep; Giling, Darren P.; Gilmer, Alan; Gonçalves, José Francisco Jr.; Gonzales, Rosario Karina; Graça, Manuel A. S.; Grace, Mike; Grossart, Hans-Peter; Guérold, François; Gulis, Vlad; Hepp, Luiz U.; Higgins, Scott; Hishi, Takuo; Huddart, Joseph; Hudson, John; Imberger, Samantha; Iñiguez-Armijos, Carlos; Iwata, Tomoya; Janetski, David J.; Jennings, Eleanor; Kirkwood, Andrea E.; Koning, Aaron A.; Kosten, Sarian; Kuehn, Kevin A.; Laudon, Hjalmar; Leavitt, Peter R.; Lemes da Silva, Aurea L.; Leroux, Shawn J.; LeRoy, Carri J.; Lisi, Peter J.; MacKenzie, Richard; Marcarelli, Amy M.; Masese, Frank O.; McKie, Brendan G.; Medeiros, Adriana Oliveira; Meissner, Kristian; Miliša, Marko; Mishra, Shailendra; Miyake, Yo; Moerke, Ashley; Mombrikotb, Shorok; Mooney, Rob; Moulton, Tim; Muotka, Timo; Negishi, Junjiro N.; Neres-Lima, Vinicius; Nieminen, Mika L.; Nimptsch, Jorge; Ondruch, Jakub; Paavola, Riku; Pardo, Isabel; Patrick, Christopher J.; Peeters, Edwin T. H. M.; Pozo, Jesus; Pringle, Catherine; Prussian, Aaron; Quenta, Estefania; Quesada, Antonio; Reid, Brian; Richardson, John S.; Rigosi, Anna; Rincón, José; Rîşnoveanu, Geta; Robinson, Christopher T.; Rodríguez-Gallego, Lorena; Royer, Todd V.; Rusak, James A.; Santamans, Anna C.; Selmeczy, Géza B.; Simiyu, Gelas; Skuja, Agnija; Smykla, Jerzy; Sridhar, Kandikere R.; Sponseller, Ryan; Stoler, Aaron; Swan, Christopher M.; Szlag, David; Teixeira-de Mello, Franco; Tonkin, Jonathan D.; Uusheimo, Sari; Veach, Allison M.; Vilbaste, Sirje; Vought, Lena B. M.; Wang, Chiao-Ping; Webster, Jackson R.; Wilson, Paul B.; Woelfl, Stefan; Xenopoulos, Marguerite A.; Yates, Adam G.; Yoshimura, Chihiro; Yule, Catherine M.; Zhang, Yixin X.; Zwart, Jacob A. (2019-01-09)
      River ecosystems receive and process vast quantities of terrestrial organic carbon, the fate of which depends strongly on microbial activity. Variation in and controls of processing rates, however, are poorly characterized ...
    • Health Promotion in Therapy 

      Arena, Sara (Wolters Kluwer, 2018-01)
    • “I wouldn’t look at it as stress”: Conceptualizations of Caregiver Stress among Low-Income Families of Children with Asthma 

      Cheezum, Rebecca R.; Sampson, Natalie R.; Parker, Edith A.; Lewis, Toby C.; O’Toole, Ashley; Zuniga, Adriana; Patton, Jean; Robbins, Thomas G.; Keirns, Carla C. (2013-02-24)
      Low-income caregivers of children with asthma experience multiple stressors, likely worsening family health. As part of Community Action Against Asthma’s community-based participatory research partnership, researchers ...
    • Influence of peer feedback on the relations between communication, coordination, and performance in global virtual teams 

      McLarnon, Matthew J. W.; Law, Denise; O'Neill, Thomas A.; Taras, Vasyl; Donia, Magda B. L.; Steel, Piers (European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology, 2017-05)
      The use of virtual teams is increasing in large, multinational organizations around the globe. However, teams of this type, often referred to as global virtual teams (GVTs), are faced with numerous challenges and coordination ...
    • Instructional methods used by health sciences librarians to teach evidence-based practice (EBP): a systematic review 

      Swanberg, Stephanie M; Dennison, Carolyn Ching; Farrell, Alison; Machel, Viola; Marton, Christine; O'Brien, Kelly K; Pannabecker, Virginia; Thuna, Mindy; Holyoke, Assako Nitta (Journal of the Medical Library Association, 2016-07)
      Background Librarians often teach evidence-based practice (EBP) within health sciences curricula. It is not known what teaching methods are most effective. Methods A systematic review of the literature was conducted ...
    • Instructional modalities and perspective transformation: How academic librarians’ experiences in blended/hybrid, and online instruction influence their teaching identities 

      Nichols Hess, Amanda (2020-01)
      As librarians’ instructional responsibilities diversify, it is useful to consider what factors influence how they see themselves as educators. In this research, the author used a survey instrument grounded in transformative ...
    • Intercultural wonderment and study abroad 

      Engberg, M.E.; Jourian, T.J. (2015)
      Although many findings related to study abroad point to the myriad benefits of such experiences, these studies focus more exclusively on direct effects (Engberg, 2013; Vande Berg, Connor-Linton, & Paige, 2009), overlooking ...
    • Interpreting American Ethnic Experiences: The Development of the Balch Library Collections 

      Daniel, Dominique (2016-10)
      The Balch Institute was a library and museum dedicated to immigration and ethnic history, based in Philadelphia. This article analyzes the development of its print and manuscript collections, from its first accessions in ...
    • Introducing profiles of team conflict 

      McLarnon, Matthew J. W. (Canadian Psychological Association, 2017-06)
      There are three types of team conflict accepted in modern literature: task conflict, relationship conflict, and process conflict. Task conflict suggests differences in opinions and perspectives about the task itself. ...
    • Isogenous elliptic subcovers of genus two curves 

      Beshaj, Lubjana; Elezi, Artur; Shaska, Tony (2017-11-02)
      We prove that for $N=2,3, 5, 7$ there are only finitely many genus two curves $\X$ (up to isomorphism) defined over $\Q$ with $(2, 2)$-split Jacobian and $\Aut (\X)\iso V_4$, such that their elliptic subcovers are ...
    • Isolation and comparative analysis of potential stem/progenitor cells from different regions of human umbilical cord 

      Beeravolu, Naimisha; Khan, Irfan; McKee, Christina; Dinda, Sumi; Thibodeau, Bryan; Wilson, George; Perez-Cruet, Mick; Bahado-Singh, Ray; Chaudhry, G. Rasul (2016-10-27)
      Human umbilical cord (hUC) blood and tissue are non-invasive sources of potential stem/progenitor cells with similar cell surface properties as bone marrow stromal cells (BMSCs). While they are limited in cord blood, they ...
    • Kalkulus I 

      Shaska, Tanush (AulonaPress, 2017-12-03)
    • Keeping Up With the Journals: A Library Journal Club at Oakland University 

      Kraemer, Elizabeth W. (Elsevier, 2007)
      Journal clubs, often relied upon in the sciences, can also be applied in the field of librarianship, where busy schedules make it challenging to stay current on research in the field. This article discusses the development ...
    • Lake St. Clair Zooplankton: Evidence for Post-Dreissena Changes 

      David, K. A.; Davis, B. M.; Hunter, R. D. (2009-01-22)
      Raw data sets for the 2000 zooplankton survey of Lake St. Clair in Michigan and Ontario. Files include coordinates of the 12 sample stations, physico-chemical data by station and date, and density of each taxon mostly to ...
    • A latent transition analysis of team conflict profiles 

      McLarnon, Matthew, J. W.; Larson, Nicole, L.; O'Neill, Thomas, A. (Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 2018-04)
      Although team conflict is often described as being dynamic in nature, little research has investigated change in conflict over time. Taking a team-centered perspective and using latent transition analysis, this study ...
    • The librarian leading the machine: A reassessment of library instruction methods 

      Greer, Katie; Nichols Hess, Amanda; Kraemer, Elizabeth W. (2016-05)
      This article builds on the 2007 College and Research Libraries article, “The Librarian, the Machine, or a Little of Both.” Since that time, Oakland University Libraries implemented changes to its instruction program that ...
    • The Librarian, the Machine, or a Little of Both: A Comparative Study of Three Information Literacy Pedagogies at Oakland University 

      Kraemer, Elizabeth W.; Lombardo, Shawn V.; Lepkowski, Frank J. (ACRL Publications, 2007-07)
      Each year, Oakland library faculty provide information literacy instruction for Rhetoric 160, a first-year writing course, through a combination of WebCT-based online tutorials and in-class teaching. For this study, twelve ...