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    • El Panamericanismo de persecución: Examining the Struggles of Oppressed Populations and Minorities in Latin America and the Caribbean Through the Lens of Literature Since the 19th Century 

      Pham, Joseph
      This thesis will attempt to explore the struggles of oppressed populations and minorities throughout Latin America and the islands of the Caribbean via the modality of Pan-American literature. Ibero-American works such ...
    • Focus: Oakland 1970-10-14 

      The Oakland Sail, Inc. (The Oakland Sail, Inc., 1970-10-14)
    • Focus: Oakland 1971-02-03 

      The Oakland Sail, Inc. (The Oakland Sail, Inc., 1971-02-03)
      Learning Center ; Memorial ; CONGRESS MEETS ; An explanation ; GOD IS ALIVE AT O.U. ; Uncle Jamsie ; DRAFT LAW AGAINST LOAFING ; TENURE ; Some of my best friends are ; RARE EGGS ; CRUCIBLE is HEAVY ; Studio's "Merchant" Gets "EH"?
    • Focus: Oakland 1971-03-17 

      The Oakland Sail, Inc. (The Oakland Sail, Inc., 1971-03-17)
      PEACE REFERENDUM ; INSTITUTIONAL RACISM At OU - In PONTIAC ; Abortion Laws Lacking ; Rebellion In Northern Ireland ; Community Service ; MORE ON TURNSTILES ; WAR and ; TRASH BUSTED ; FARINAS ; editorial: Look What They've ...
    • Focus: Oakland 1971-12-04 

      The Oakland Sail, Inc. (The Oakland Sail, Inc., 1971-12-04)
      Buckley to speak Dec 13 ; Psych Service Head Named ; Forum in racism ; O.U. Legal Aid Planned ; Congress Election Sought ; BLC Paper Praised ; Canoe Law Fought : Sexual Politics ; Draft Ignores Laws ; Advising Tidbits ; ...
    • Juneteenth Perspective 

      Oakland University (Oakland University, 2020-06-18)
      "Juneteenth challenges us to come to terms with history, and recommit to the principles of equality at the heart of OU’s diversity, equity and inclusion policies"
    • The Oakland Post 2020-07-29 

      Sophie Hume; Ryan Pini; Sergio Montanez; Maggie Willard; Katelyn Hill; Autumn Page; Lauren Reid; Dean Vaglia; Bridget Janis; Rachel Yim (Oakland Sail, Inc., 2020-07-29)
      Drive-in commencement honors 2020 grads ; An atypical graduation was decided upon to follow state guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic ; Skateboard study: Oakland University student research shows impact of early injuries ...
    • Oakland University News: April 22, 1988 

      University Relations News Service (Oakland University, 1988-04-22)
      SBA Receives Accreditation for Undergrad, Graduate Programs ; Olympics, World Games Call on OU ; McVety Named Outstanding AP ; Quartet Takes Third in Competition ; Chavez Continues Effort Toward Grape Boycott ; Money Market ...
    • Oakland University News: December 10, 1993 

      University Relations Publications Department (Oakland University, 1993-12-10)
      All-University Fund Drive Making Final Push for Pledges ; Board Names Herman Acting VP for Student Affairs ; Photo: Meadow Brook Hall Christmas Walk ; President Appoints Two Interns ; Student Brings Home World Championship ...
    • Oakland University News: February 27, 1987 

      University Relations News Service (Oakland University, 1987-02-27)
      Question of Ethics: Classroom Discussions Will Raise Consciousness ; Ethics Policy ; Employees, Students May Get Computer Equipment at Discount ; Photo: Lab Dedication, School of Business Administration ; Board OKs Preliminary ...
    • Oakland University News: May 1, 1992 

      University Relations News Service (Oakland University, 1992-05-01)
      Variety the Mark of Summer Concerts at Meadow Brook ; Economists: County Rebound from Recession Under Way ; GM a Big Wheel for College Day Programs ; Concert, Events Honor Moms ; Hate Letters Won't Deter Student Editor ...
    • Oakland University News: May 19, 1989 

      University Relations News Service (Oakland University, 1989-05-19)
      Alessi, Boganey to Receive Wilson Awards at Commencement ; Board Adopts Affirmative Action Plan on Hiring ; SHES, Local Schools Team Up in Fight Against Racism ; Stokes to represent Oakland at Bryn Mawr Summer Institute ; ...
    • Oakland University News: October 28, 1988 

      University Relations News Service (Oakland University, 1988-10-28)
      Operating Budget Includes Pared-Down Deficit for 1988-89 ; United Way Pledges Exceed Campaign Goal ; State Representative Hood: Minority Students Must Combat Dropout Problem ; Free Press' Shine Named Professor ; Fall ...
    • Oakland University Staff Bulletin: March 16-22, 1970 

      Oakland University (Oakland University, 1970-03-16)
      Topics: Friday pop concerts added to Meadow Brook Music Festival season, OU plays host to 7th college division NCAA swimming championships,Language Arts Festival to be held in the Sports and Rec Building, Ujamaa Theatre ...
    • Oakland University Staff Bulletin: March 23-29, 1970 

      Oakland University (Oakland University, 1970-03-23)
      Topics: Trustees vote to approve independence for Oakland University, UJAMAA to perform at Meadow Brook Estate Clubhouse, Chancellor Varner to receive a Doctor of Humanities degree at the spring Commencement, Troy F. Crowder ...
    • Oakland University Staff Bulletin: November 2-8, 1970 

      Oakland University (Oakland University, 1970-11-02)
      Topics: Meadow Brook opens it's fifth season, Professor S.N. Eisenstadt of Hebrew University, Jerusalem to speak on campus, Friends of Kresge Library to hold book sale, Faculty textbook orders due for winter semester, ...
    • Oakland University Staff Bulletin: October 7-13, 1968 

      Oakland University (Oakland University, 1968-10-07)
      Topics: Bookstore having delivery problems with textbooks. Keego Harbor printer refused to print Student weekly newsletter, "Observer". Three new AP's hired. London Grafica Arts of Detroit offered original graphics for ...
    • "OU hosting Week of Dialogue on Racism" 

      Oakland University (Oakland University, 2001-11-09)
      "Oakland University is hosting various events during Campus Week of Dialogue on Racism, Nov. 11-15, which is being hosted by The Campus Week of Dialogue on Racism is sponsored by the Center for Student Activities."
    • OU: April 4, 1972 

      Oakland University (Oakland University, 1972-04-04)
    • OU: February 14, 1972 

      Oakland University (Oakland University, 1972-02-14)