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    • Born and Born Again: 1969 and Its Discords 

      Murphy, Brian (Oakland University, 2007-10-01)
      The discord of the 1960s led to the development of the Honors College at Oakland University.
    • Headnote to Strike Blog 

      Cole, Natalie B. (Oakland University, 2010-01-01)
      Professor Brian A. Connery’s Strike Blog brings to the fore issues about the role of the blogosphere in academia. Which, if any, blogs are appropriate for a university publication that seeks to benefit Oakland University ...
    • Minutes of the Formal Session of the Oakland University Board of Trustees, August 3, 2020 

      Oakland University. Board of Trustees (2020-08-03)
      A. Call to Order | B. Roll Call | C. President’s Report | D. Consent Agenda for Consideration/Action: Consent Agenda; Treasurer's Report; Minutes of the Board of Trustees Formal Session of June 15, 2020; University Personnel ...
    • Minutes of the Meeting of the University Senate, March 21, 2013 

      Oakland University. Senate (2013-03-21)
      Provost's updates. Paper copy of the AAUP contract distributed. Statewide retention conference. National Student Exchange. Distinguished professor. Varner Vitality lecture with Jane Goodall. Motion from Academic Standing ...
    • Oakland and Me: A Look Back at My Decanal Years 

      Horwitz, Ronald M. (Oakland University, 2007-10-01)
      “My years as dean, from 1979 to 1991, were the most professionally rewarding of my entire academic career.” Let’s see why.
    • Oakland University News: January 30, 1973 

      Oakland University (Oakland University, 1973-01-30)
      Articles on: DeCrow Addresses Women's Winter Forum, Board Approves AAUP-OU Pact, Flavio Varani Plays In Michigan Debut, Trustees Accept New Gifts, Grants, "Right You Are!", General Electric Foundation Grant to Fund Engineering ...
    • Strike Blog 

      Connery, Brian (Oakland University, 2010-01-01)
      On September 3, 2009, after my first picketing session in support of the “withholding of services” by members of the OU AAUP as a consequence of the breakdown in contract negotiations with Oakland University, I began the ...
    • The Oakland Post 2009-05-13 

      Oakland Sail, Inc. (Oakland Sail, Inc., 2009-05-13)
      LOCAL COLOR ; THIS WEEK ; STAFF EDITORIAL We challenge you to celebrate discomfort ; A stop at the top limits the view ; Are virgins the new aliens? ; Student engineering wars: Three engineering organizations prepare for ...
    • The Oakland Post 2010-01-20 

      Oakland Sail, Inc. (Oakland Sail, Inc., 2010-01-20)
      Tuned In ; THIS WEEK ; STAFF EDITORIAL What's in a benefit's name? ; BLUNDERGRADS ; I will call the cops on you ; Letter to the Editor ; Union fueled up for vote: FOIA requested information adds athletic salaries to the ...
    • The Oakland Post 2010-03-24 

      Oakland Sail, Inc. (Oakland Sail, Inc., 2010-03-24)
      OU STUDENT VOTING 2010 CONGRESS GUIDE ; CAMPUS ; SCENE: SPORTS ; THIS ISSUE ; STAFF EDITORIAL Elect your student reps: Be informed about those who'll spend your tuition! ; Campaigns need to find their own forums ; Column ...
    • The Oakland Sail 1982-03-15 

      Oakland Sail, Inc. (Oakland Sail, Inc., 1982-03-15)
      Universities to lose a quarterly appropriation: Milliken proposes an increase in income tax ; Patterson proposes to expand our economy ; Dorm students face another housing increase in Spring ; CAMP to release report ; The ...
    • The Oakland Sail 1982-04-18 

      Oakland Sail, Inc. (Oakland Sail, Inc., 1982-04-18)
      82-83 Recaps: Forensics ; Abuse a common problem ; program cut ; Take a bow ; contract ; EDITORIAL: Thanks; Pouchers ; Veteran defends Scouts ; Group seeks print ; Chairperson thanks OU community ; No savings for students ...
    • The Oakland Sail 1982-09-13 

      Oakland Sail, Inc. (Oakland Sail, Inc., 1982-09-13)
      Singing the Blues ; Vandals slash painting ; Facuity agrees to temporary contract ; Center may reopen in 1983 ; Iron Kettle gets facelift from SAGA ; MBA changes its policy ; Memos report different pictures ; EDITORIAL OU ...
    • The Oakland Sail 1982-10-04 

      Oakland Sail, Inc. (Oakland Sail, Inc., 1982-10-04)
      Contract not settled ; Departments await cuts ; New parking lot plans for Foundation Halls ; Small world ; Day care cuts hurt students ; Board President Headlee has high hopes ; Congress may get third chief ; Senate approves ...
    • The Oakland Sail 1982-10-11 

      Oakland Sail, Inc. (Oakland Sail, Inc., 1982-10-11)
      Faculty turns down contract proposal ; Fountain fashion? ; Arsonist blamed for campus blazes ; Congress votes in Simpson ; Union members have different ideas on contract ; AACSB accreditation sought ; Colleges to be linked ...
    • The Oakland Sail 1982-11-01 

      Oakland Sail, Inc. (Oakland Sail, Inc., 1982-11-01)
      Lecture ; U.S. policy "zigzags" ; Union picks new bargaining team ; Congress approves aid ; Students protest dissident's fate ; Campus gets money ; Hutton hopeful of State Board victory ; Senate race narrows ; Candidates ...
    • The Oakland Sail 1983-03-14 

      Oakland Sail, Inc. (Oakland Sail, Inc., 1983-03-14)
      Food drive starts - it's 'moving along' ; Students stage protest ; No lab decision yet ; Contract ratified by wide margin ; Pioneers defeated; shocked by Dayton ; Exchange offers different perspectives ; TV celebrity Ted ...
    • The Oakland Sail 1985-08-27 

      Oakland Sail, Inc. (Oakland Sail, Inc., 1985-08-27)
      OU faculty may strike ; University Congress reveals '85-86 plans ; Construction to aid OU commuters ; EDITORIAL: More to learning than the studies ; There's more to the Sail than read in its pages ; FEATURES: Summer concert ...
    • The Oakland Sail 1985-09-09 

      Oakland Sail, Inc. (Oakland Sail, Inc., 1985-09-09)
      Strike ends; classes begin ; Faculty reaction mixed; some cross picket lines ; Fall enrollment shows modest rise; 11,600 registered ; CT; AP pacts signed earlier ; EDITORIAL: University faculty in no-win situation ; Letters ...