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    • Kalkulus I 

      Shaska, Tanush (AulonaPress, 2017-12-03)
    • Keep a Low Profile 

      Hirschfeld-Medalia, Adeline (Oakland University, 2007-10-01)
      The early years that led to the development of Oakland University's School of Music, Theatre and Dance.
    • Keeper of the Dream - January 10, 2009 

      Oakland University (2010-11-19)
    • Keeper of the Dream Scholarship - January 18, 2010 

      Oakland University (2011-01-18)
      Three outstanding undergraduate Oakland University students have received the prestigious Keeper of the Dream Scholarship Awards for their contributions and promotion of interracial understanding and tolerance. The 18th ...
    • Keeping Up With the Journals: A Library Journal Club at Oakland University 

      Kraemer, Elizabeth W. (Elsevier, 2007)
      Journal clubs, often relied upon in the sciences, can also be applied in the field of librarianship, where busy schedules make it challenging to stay current on research in the field. This article discusses the development ...
    • Kevin Sadaj - US Marines - Somalia 

      Sadaj, Kevin (Oakland University, 2008)
      Kevin Sadajis being interviewed at Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan about his wartime experiences. This program is produced in conjunction with the Library of Congress.
    • Key Issues in Recent German Interdisciplinary Scholarship 

      Abt Schindler, Roslyn (Association for Interdisciplinary Studies, 1994)
    • Kids, Why Eat Your Greens (Or Your Reds or Your Yellows)?: A Nutrition Education Intervention 

      Drogowski, Jessica (2013-06-10)
      America’s children battle a plethora of negative influences related to their health and overall wellness. A growing obesity epidemic, poor eating habits, negative influences and various health conditions are all struggles ...
    • Knowers and Phenomena: Two Different Approaches to Interdisciplinarity and Interprofessionalism 

      McMurtry, Angus (Association for Interdisciplinary Studies, 2009)
      This paper describes two influential but quite different perspectives on disciplinary knowledge and interdisciplinary integration. One conceives of these issues in terms of irreducible differences in the world, among the ...
    • Knowledge in Science and Innovation: A Review of Three Discourses on the Institutional and Cognitive Foundations of Knowledge Production 

      Bruun, Henrik; Toppinen, Aino (Association for Interdisciplinary Studies, 2004)
      Modern society is said to be a knowledge society. Yet the academic discourse on the topics of learning and knowledge production is fragmented. In order to build bridges between different traditions, we review three ...
    • Kresge Library Dedication Ceremony 

      Oakland University (1962-05-12)
      Invitation to the Kresge Library dedication ceremony
    • Kresge Library Ground Breaking Ceremony 

      Oakland University (1960-10-17)
      Invitation to the ground breaking ceremony for Kresge Library
    • Kresge Library News and Updates, Summer 2016 

      Oakland University. University Libraries (2016-08)
    • Kresge Library News August 2002 

      Unknown author (Oakland University Kresge Lilbrary, 2002-08)
      News items: Robert Gaylor, Richard Pettengill, Robert Slater, Michigan Library Exchange (MiLE), Dante Rance, Gift Books.
    • Kresge Library News Fall 2001 

      Unknown author (Oakland University Kresge Library, 2001-09)
      News items: Julie Voelck to be Assoc. Dean. Dana Juriew hired as Asst. Prof. Patricia Clark as Manager of Interlibrary Loan. Dean Elaine Didier elected President of Michigan Library Association. Results of Faculty survey.
    • Kresge Library News Fall 2002 

      Unknown author (Oakland University Kresge Library, 2002-09)
      News items: ERIC documents available in full text. Music Index Online. New reference computers. Virtual Library tour. Library catalog improvements. Robert Malcomson film collection gift. Michigan Library Exchange.
    • Kresge Library News Fall 2003 

      Unknown author (Oakland University Kresge Library, 2003-09)
      News items: Security system updated. Email notifications begin. New electronic resources. KL website and home page revised. Library faculty publications. New equipment includes computers and scanner. Pay for print activated. ...
    • Kresge Library News January 2003 

      Unknown author (Oakland University Kresge Library, 2003-01)
      News items: Coffee Cart debuts in KL lobby. Residence Halls Book Club formed. Library recarpeting underway.Diversity Resources website launched. New online resources. Basberg bequest.
    • Kresge Library News June 2003 

      Unknown author (Oakland University Kresge Library, 2003-06)
      News items: Coffee cart closes down. FirstSearch changes. Carpeting project completed. New online resources highlighted.
    • Kresge Library News Winter 2002 

      Unknown author (Oakland University Kresge Library, 2002-01)
      News items: Jane Bingham Historical Children's Literature Collection dedication. A record year for Library Instruction.Course WebCT gains library component. New electronic databases. Senate Library Committee Report. ...