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    • Interview with George T. Matthews 

      Matthews, George T. (Oakland University, 1996-10-24)
      Interview with George T. Matthews, history professor, Vice Provost, Interim President (IP) Career at Oakland spanned from 1959-1985; also 1991 Acting Director of the Honors College.
    • Interview with Gertrude M. White 

      White, Gertrude M. (Oakland University, 1997-01-15)
      Interview with Gertrude M. White, professor in the English Dept. from 1959-1981.
    • Interview with Herbert Stoutenburg 

      Stoutenburg, Herbert N.; Tomboulian, Paul (Oakland University, 1998-02-07)
      Interview with Herbert Stoutenburg who held a number of positions at MSUO between 1959 and 1971: Director of Admissions, Registrar, Assistant to the Chancellor, Dean of Students, Assistant President for Administration.
    • Interview with James H. McKay 

      McKay, James H. (Oakland University, 1997-03-12)
      Interview with James H. McKay (Mathematics Dept.)
    • Interview with Loren Pope 

      Pope, Loren; Tomboulian, Paul (Oakland University, 1998-03-20)
      Interview with Loren Pope(formely Education Editor at the New York Times) Assistant to the Chancellor and Director of University Relations from 1959-1964.
    • Interview with Robert W. Swanson 

      Swanson, Robert W. (Oakland University, 1997-01-22)
      Interview with Robert W. Swanson, Director of Business Affairs; also Vice President. He began at OU in 1959 and retired in 1989.
    • Interview with William Schwab 

      Schwab, William; Lowy, David (Oakland University, 1996-11-16)
      Interview with William Schwab, professor of Linguistics from 1959 to 1993.
    • Oakland University Chronicles Interview Sampler 1 

      Tomboulian, Alice; Tomboulian, Paul; Oakland University Foundation; Department of Chemistry. Oakland University; Office of the President. Oakland University; White, Gertrude M.; Schwab, William; Varner, Durward B. 1917-1999; Appleton, Sheldon; Hoopes, Robert G.; Kovach-Tarakanov, Helen; McKay, James H.; Swanson, Robert W. (1996)
      The Oakland University Chronicles is a set of oral histories dealing with the beginnings of Oakland University, mainly focusing on the years prior to the graduation of the first class. This is the first "sampler", a composite ...