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    • Editor's Notes 

      Folland, Sherman T. (Oakland University, 7-01-01)
      Oakland Journal Issue 12 editorial notes
    • Editor's Notes 

      Nixon, Jude V. (Oakland University, 2009-01-01)
      Oakland Journal Issue 16 editorial notes
    • Editorial Note 

      Brieger, Gottfried (Oakland University, 2002-04-01)
      Oakland Journal Issue 4 editorial note
    • Editorial Note 

      Brieger, Gottfried (Oakland University, 2003-10-01)
      Editorial note and Briefs for Oakland Journal Issue 06
    • Editorial Note 

      Brieger, Gottfried (Oakland University, 2004-10-01)
      Oakland Journal Issue 7 editorial note
    • Editorial Note 

      Folland, Sherman T. (Oakland University, 2005-01-01)
      Oakland Journal Issue 8 editorial note
    • Einstein, 1905: Fiction becomes Reality 

      Rojo, Alberto G. (Oakland University, 2006-01-01)
      In 1905, Einstein published a series of papers, in the well-known German journal Naturwissenschaft, which embody the fruitful encounter of fiction and reality, art and science.
    • Ellison’s musicality and the Jazz/blues Tradition in Invisible Man 

      Irwin, Scott (2003-10-01)
      Ralph Ellison's musical background and its influence on his writing.
    • Elvin Jones’ Detroit Years 

      Cohassey, John (Oakland University, 2008-01-01)
      Throughout his life Jones credited his early Detroit years as preparing him for New York City’s competitive jazz scene and for shaping his skills as one of jazz music’s most innovative drummers.
    • Empowering Women in the Global Community: An Oakland University Symposium 

      Eveslage, Benjamin (Oakland University, 2013-01-01)
      Report on Oakland University 2012 symposium on “Empowering Women in the Global Community.”
    • The End of the World As We Know It 

      Hawkins, Susan (Oakland University, 2011-01-01)
      Review of the movie "The Road", based on the Cormac McCarthy book of the same name,
    • Endowments: Investing in Our Future 

      Goepp, Susan Davies (Oakland University, 2007-10-01)
      Endowments, in history, and at Oakland University
    • An Entanglement: Ancient Texts, Old Marginalia, and Contemporary Art 

      Eis, Andrea (Oakland University, 2012-10-01)
      This essay pivots around the practice of marginalia—notes written in the margins of books and other texts—and also navigates through the practice of my art, with its combination of research, chance occurrence and aesthetic ...
    • Epitaphs from Baghdad 

      Brieger, Gottfried (Oakland University, 2008-10-01)
    • Equality For LGBTQ Faculty at Oakland University? 

      Larrabee, Timothy G. (Oakland University, 2010-10-01)
      This essay will take the reader through a nearly six year history from the time Michigan amended the state constitution banning the state from recognizing same-sex couples as families up to the adoption of Oakland University’s ...
    • Ethics Under Attack 

      Smydra, Rachel; Kruk, Serge (Oakland University, 2006-01-01)
      ...the survey’s intent was to track how students view cheating, how much they are seeing others students cheat, and whether students think something should be done by University officials to minimize the problem of student ...
    • Everyone Goes to Hollywood 

      Mitzelfeld, Pamela T. (Oakland University, 2012-10-01)
      Short story
    • The Evolution of Religion: Modern Anthropological Theory 

      Dow, James W. (Oakland University, 2004-10-01)
      In recent years evolutionary psychology and scientific cultural anthropology have been incorporating neo-Darwinist models of human behavior into their thinking. Nowhere has this been more interesting than in the field of religion.
    • Examining Faculty-Administrative Relationships: Looking at the Research 

      Awbrey, Susan (Oakland University, 2007-10-01)
      It appears that many faculty members think that administrators don’t respect academic values and many administrators think that faculty members don’t understand the role administration plays in the life of the institution. ...
    • Experience and the Presidency 

      Levine, David A. (Oakland University, 2008-10-01)
      How important is political experience in presidential candidates?