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    • Making The ‘Invisible Hand’ Visible: The Case for Dialogue About Academic Capitalism 

      Awbrey, Susan M. (Oakland University, 2002-10-01)
      The erosion of public funding that has led to academic capitalism implies a shift not merely in funding sources but also in the deeper values that underlie education’s role in society. This is ground for very serious ...
    • Man, Metal and Metaphor: Metal in Early Medieval Warrior Culture and in Beowulf 

      Walsh, Susan (Oakland University, 2011-10-01)
      In the Iron Age culture of 500 AD, man made the metals. And metals also made the man. The importance of metallurgy to the early medieval Germanic culture of Northwestern Europe is captured in the old English poem Beowulf ...
    • The Matilda Wilson College Proposal of December 1956: The First Curricular Source for Oakland University 

      Tomboulian, Paul; Tomboulian, Alice (Oakland University, 2003-10-01)
      In November 1956, Matilda Dodge Wilson and Alfred Wilson decided to donate their Meadow Brook Farms estate and $2 million to the state of Michigan for the purpose of founding an educational institution. One month later, ...
    • Matthew Stanley’s Practical Mystic: Religion, Science, and A. S. Eddington: Valence Values and the Late Victorian Science-Religion Interface/Divide- A Review Essay 

      Garfinkle, David; Nixon, Jude V. (Oakland University, 2009-01-01)
      The relationship of science to religion and literature continues to be an issue of vexation, especially here in the U.S. A logical way, perhaps, to begin this review essay on a late Victorian, early-modern work integrating ...
    • Medical Matters: Do No Harm 

      Joyce, Barbara (Oakland University, 2011-10-01)
      There are rich opportunities to develop nationally recognized innovative curricula in the area of quality and safety that will impact patient care and develop future healthcare leaders. OUWB and William Beaumont Hospital ...
    • Medical Matters: Reflections on An Anatomy Lab 

      Bee, Mary; Schley, Stephanie; Weiner, Adam (Oakland University, 2012-01-01)
      At Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine, the faculty invited students to complete a reflective writing assignment both before and after their first dissection experience. The reflections were in the form ...
    • Medical Matters: “When They Are Us” 

      Schanzer, Bella (Oakland University, 2011-01-01)
      I never took a class that told me how to be the person on the other side of the bed, how to balance being the squeaky wheel advocating for my child with avoiding at all cost becoming ‘that family’ that everyone avoids ...
    • Medical School in Year One: Case #1 

      Mecca, Lauren (Oakland University, 2012-10-01)
      This article is the first in a series of diverse perspectives on medical education, from medical students and faculty at Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine.
    • Meeting Report: The First Midwest Conference on Stem Cell Biology and Therapy (SCBT) 

      Dinda, Sumit; Chaudhry, Rasul (Oakland University, 2010-10-01)
      This well-planned conference was structured into a unique 3-day format designed to bring together scientists and clinicians from various disciplines to share their research results and experiences as well as ideas concerning ...
    • Mel Gibson’s “Passion of Christ”: Why Gibson Fails 

      Bertocci, Peter (Oakland University, 2004-10-01)
      Film review of Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ
    • Memoir Construction 

      Shepherd, Gordon (Oakland University, 2009-01-01)
      Advice on writing memoirs, and reflections on the author's own memoir, created as a response to a survey.
    • Memorandum 

      Barnes, Carl M. (Oakland University, 2000-10-01)
    • Memories at Vézelay 

      Barnes, Carl F., Jr. (Oakland University, 2002-04-01)
      Medieval architecture and events as seen through the eyes of a Benedictine monk.
    • Memory and the Dark Dream of Irish History 

      Moran, Seán Farrell (Oakland University, 2002-04-01)
      Irish history has left its traces in memory, legible vestiges which survive no matter how often they seem to be erased. It is these traces which reiterate Irish history and in the process control the past and the present.
    • Messages From Invisible Sources 

      VanderKaay, Cody (Oakland University, 2012-01-01)
      Artist's statement and images of the "Telegraph" project.
    • A Model for Student Experiential Learning 

      Scott, Chaunda L. (Oakland University, 2000-10-01)
      Experiential learning, in the form of service-learning, is one of the best ways to teach for the development of the whole person.
    • Monster and Empire: Bong Joon-ho’s The Host (2006) and the Question of Anti-Americanism 

      Chung, Hye Seung (Oakland University, 2011-01-01)
      Film analysis
    • The Moral Career of a New Religious Movement 

      Shepherd, Gordon; Shepherd, Gary (Oakland University, 2000-04-01)
      The Family’s emphasis on the Bible and its attempt to reinstate such early Christian practices as “sharing all things in common” and full-time dedication to evangelize the world for Jesus “without purse or script,” taking ...
    • MSUO to OU: Reversion to the Norm 

      Burdick, Harvey; Burke, Richard; Tomboulian, Paul (Oakland University, 2007-10-01)
      In the following record of an informal conversation held in May 2007, three early faculty members recall the beginnings of OU—called MSUO then—and the seemingly inevitable changes that occurred over time.
    • Multiple Paths to Full Professor: Challenges to the Academy in the 21st Century 

      Moore, Kathleen; Cunningham, Joi; Guessous, Laila; Reger, Jo; Roth, Brad; Walters, Julie; DeVreugd, Leanne (Oakland University, 2016-01-01)
      Article first explains the dominant form of faculty promotion used in U.S. colleges and universities. Second, key economic, political, and social factors are discussed in the context of an institutional mission linked with ...