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    • The Oakland Post 2009-05-13 

      Oakland Sail, Inc. (Oakland Sail, Inc., 2009-05-13)
      LOCAL COLOR ; THIS WEEK ; STAFF EDITORIAL We challenge you to celebrate discomfort ; A stop at the top limits the view ; Are virgins the new aliens? ; Student engineering wars: Three engineering organizations prepare for ...
    • The Oakland Post 2009-06-10 

      Oakland Sail, Inc. (Oakland Sail, Inc., 2009-06-10)
      STEP UP: STUDENTS SPEND THEIR SUMMERS GETTING THEIR FOOT IN THE DOOR ; THIS ISSUE ; STAFF EDITORIAL Get some action ; CORRECTIONS CORNER ; Assistant professor thanks peers ; Act like an atheist; get the boot ; DO YOU THINK ...
    • The Oakland Post 2009-07-15 

      Oakland Sail, Inc. (Oakland Sail, Inc., 2009-07-15)
      EXECUTIVE DECISIONS ; THIS ISSUE ; STAFF EDITORIAL Necessary repairs? ; Announced salary freeze sparks debate about negotiation tactics ; Insider discloses discussion topics: While items on the table during the bargaining ...