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    • Oakland University News: August 1987 

      University Relations News Service (Oakland University, 1987-08-01)
      The Barn, An Old Friend to Many Talented Alumni ; Legislators Approve Funding Increase ; President Champagne in Midst of Two-Month Development Leave ; Meadow Brook Estate on Tour ; Photo: Concours d'Elegance ; Diabetic ...
    • Oakland University News: February 26, 1988 

      University Relations News Service (Oakland University, 1988-02-26)
      Steering a Course for the Future of the University ; Accreditation Study Finds Important Strengths at Oakland ; Japan Takes Center Stage at Gallery ; Former President Jimmy Carter to Lecture in OC ; Photo: Educator Marva ...
    • Oakland University News: July 1994 

      University Relations Publications Department (Oakland University, 1994-07-01)
      To Build Excellent Programs at Oakland, You Can Rely on a Solid Foundation ; University to Receive First Increase in State Support Since FY 1991-92 ; Downing Heads Arts and Sciences; Kampe Tapped as Acting Athletic Director ...
    • Oakland University News: June 1988 

      University Relations News Service (Oakland University, 1988-06-01)
      Commencement Day: Five Ceremonies, Mant Memories ; Wilson Awards ; Enrollment Shows Slight Spring Decline ; Brooks Follows A Bumpy Road to the Unusual ; Students, Public, Will Learn from the Best ; Magnetic Fields: Effects ...
    • Oakland University News: March 1, 1985 

      University Relations News Service (Oakland University, 1985-03-01)
      Foundation provides grants for projects ; Symposium focuses on Whistler art ; Enrollment data traced ; Warning out to pirates ; OU Ford cooperate ; If you can't stand the heat Uwe Reische firefighters equipment ; Five ...
    • Oakland University News: March 10, 1995 

      University Relations Publications Department (Oakland University, 1995-03-10)
      OU Police Arrest Two in Assault on Professor ; After-Hours Campus Safety Tips ; Oakland Positioned For Growth ; Despite Efforts, Icy Conditions Remained ; Office of Minority Equity renamed Office of Equity ; Read All About ...
    • Oakland University News: March 13, 1987 

      University Relations News Service (Oakland University, 1987-03-13)
      Seminars Explore Horrors of Genocide ; Eastern Towns Provide OU with Students ; Enrollment Both Up and Down ; Photo: Oakland Dance Theatre performance ; 'Superwoman' Conference Returns April 28 ; Students Win $5,000 ...
    • Oakland University News: May 18, 1984 

      University Relations News Service (Oakland University, 1984-05-18)
      OU forensics team places 10th nationally ; Second International Workshop on Killer Cells ; School of Economics and Management receives L.J. Buchan Distinguished Professorship Award ; OU Chapter of the Detroit Section of ...
    • Oakland University News: May 4, 1984 

      University Relations News Service (Oakland University, 1984-05-24)
      Senate approves Health Sciences unit ; Enrollment challenges ; Kresge Library expansion ; Children's Learning Center at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital internship program ; Campus Ministry ; Purchasing rules ; Dicron Tafralian ...
    • Oakland University News: October 14, 1994 

      University Relations Publications Department (Oakland University, 1994-10-14)
      Coming Home ; Board Appoints Nursing Dean ; Louis Ross Adds Trustee Title ; Study Finds Good Habits Can Lead to Reversal of Heart Damage ; Biologist's Dream Hobby Not Pie in the Sky ; Early Risers Invited to Dedicate ...
    • Oakland University News: October 16, 1987 

      University Relations News Service (Oakland University, 1987-10-16)
      Fall Enrollment Shows Slight Decline from 1986-87 ; Photo: Native Americans held a Pow Wow and buffalo roast on campus ; Students Benefit from Alumni-Sponsored Scholarships ; Educator to Explain Prep School Model ; Committee ...
    • Oakland University News: October 17, 1986 

      University Relations News Service (Oakland University, 1986-10-17)
      State supported programs Martin Luther King Rosa Parks enhance minority opportunities ; Commuter council urges commuters to get involved ; Enrollment sets record 12,707 ; Professor Forrest Wright invention space weights ...
    • Oakland University News: October 19, 1984 

      University Relations News Service (Oakland University, 1984-10-19)
      OU opposes amendment to Michigan Constitution: Proposal C; OU research funding exceeds $4 million ; Grading system revisions ; Lecture series sponsored by the Department of Biological Sciences ; Detroit Symphony provides ...
    • Oakland University News: October 27, 1989 

      University Relations News Service (Oakland University, 1989-10-27)
      A New Chapter for Kresge Library: Dedication on November 8 Marks Completion of Renovation Program ; Board Approves $57.8 Million Operating Budget for 1989-90 ; Capital Outlay Requests Sent to Lansing; Science Building at ...
    • Oakland University News: October 28, 1988 

      University Relations News Service (Oakland University, 1988-10-28)
      Operating Budget Includes Pared-Down Deficit for 1988-89 ; United Way Pledges Exceed Campaign Goal ; State Representative Hood: Minority Students Must Combat Dropout Problem ; Free Press' Shine Named Professor ; Fall ...
    • OU News April 10, 1980 

      Unknown author (Oakland University, 1980-04-10)
      Articles on: Private school enrollment charted , Photo pioneer lectures , Nurses' Speaker , Art Show , Swim Club , Spring sports goals , Typing service , Faculty activities noted , Concert band performs ,
    • OU News February 21, 1980 

      Unknown author (Oakland University, 1980-02-21)
      Articles on: Enrollment pool is shrinking , Committee studies enrollment , MBH award , Faculty notes , African projects open , Lots for lease ,Band preforms Feb. 24 , Bookcenter hours
    • OU News February 27, 1979 

      Unknown author (Oakland University, 1979-02-27)
      Articles on: City/Suburb issues discussed; Record enrollment set; In the spotlight; For your info; Jobs; Calendar.
    • OU News January 27, 1983 

      Unknown author (Oakland University, 1983-01-27)
      Articles on: Enrollment capped; New budget is $36 million leaving a first time unencumbered fund balance; Black awareness month; School of Engineering renamed School of Engineering and Computer Science; Department of ...
    • OU News January 30, 1979 

      Unknown author (Oakland University, 1979-01-30)
      Articles on: Undergraduate enrollment study released; summer institute proposals announced; various faculty publications, student programs, lectures.