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    • An Acorn No More 

      Byrne, Bill (Oakland University, 2011-01-01)
      Why, after reading and grading countless college and high school composition papers lo these many semesters, would I become a “reader” for the College Board Advance Placement (AP) English Language and Composition exam?
    • How to Tawk Noo Yawk 

      Byrne, Bill (Oakland University, 2009-10-01)
      Humorous reflections on regional accents in the United States.
    • Imported Instructions, or, “The Almighty Switch” 

      Byrne, Bill (Oakland University, 2005-10-01)
      Unintentional humor in product manuals created in countries other than the USA
    • The “N” Word Four Essays 

      Cherry, Adam; Cook, Chelsey; DePaoli, Liz; Rick, Brian (Oakland University, 2010-01-01)
      Four essays written by students as an assignment in an African-American Literature course, The assignment "invited them to read and respond to Emily Bernard’s essay, inviting them to reflect on their own experience with ...
    • Physics and Poetry 

      Rojo, Alberto (Oakland University, 2012-01-01)
      Language, with a finite number of symbols and permutations, imposes bounds for expressing the architecture of an invisible world for which it was not conceived. Poetry and metaphor expand those boundaries and interpolate ...
    • The Politics of Pinyin: Reflections on the Differences of Mandarin Chinese in Taiwan and China by a Novice 

      Coyl, Peter D. (Oakland University, 2008-10-01)
      In efforts to boost literacy, the Chinese language and its romanized transcription have been modified over the past 100 years. The changes in Chinese on the mainland and Chinese in Taiwan have been motivated by literacy ...
    • The Oakland Post 2006-01-11 

      Oakland Sail, Inc. (Oakland Sail, Inc., 2006-01-11)
      Financial aid woes kick off semester ; Cowtown gets new Marshall: Former OU star looks to use D-League as NBA platform ; PACE YOURSELF MPH displays intended to discourage lead feet ; Don't you 'holla' no more: State ...
    • The Oakland Post 2006-02-01 

      Oakland Sail, Inc. (Oakland Sail, Inc., 2006-02-01)
      It begins: OUSC presidential announcements made after heated debates ; Valpo curse is over ; POLITICAL ANALYSIS State of the Union? Skittish and agitated ; Alito sworn in: Official becomes nation's 110th Court justice ; ...
    • The Oakland Post 2009-11-18 

      Oakland Sail, Inc. (Oakland Sail, Inc., 2009-11-18)
      An Examination of Representation ; THIS ISSUE ; STAFF EDITORIAL 'Big bright' waste of energy ; White Ribbon Campaign affirms a student's moral code ; Working to "white out" violence ; Russi to hold open forum with faculty ...
    • The Oakland Sail 1986-03-24 

      Oakland Sail, Inc. (Oakland Sail, Inc., 1986-03-24)
      Computer registration slated for Spring '86 ; Housing rates up 1.98 percent ; Sail photo equipment valued at $2,500 stolen ; Administrators say no solution: Language problem unavoidable ; School of Business Administration ...
    • Words, Words, Words 

      Byrne, Bill (Oakland University, 2006-10-01)
      While we may have left our “point and grunt” days behind us when we emerged from the caves and started walking upright, we haven’t yet mastered so many elements of communication.