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    • Team conflict profiles and the mediating role of conflict management 

      McLarnon, Matthew J. W.; Woodley, Hayden J. R.; Hoffart, Genevieve C.; O'Neill, Thomas A. (Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology, 2015-04)
      Conflict is common among team members, and the shared experience of conflict defines a team’s conflict state. The current study examined the mediating role of cooperative and competitive conflict management between conflict ...
    • Trajectories of resiliency and well-being after job loss 

      McLarnon, Matthew J. W.; Rothstein, Mitchell G. (Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology, 2017-04)
      It should not be surprising that losing one’s job will have profound negative effects on well-being (Wanberg, 2012). Resiliency may be one set of resources an individual can use to restore well-being after being fired. ...