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    • The effects of black cohosh on the regulation of estrogen receptor (ERα) and progesterone receptor (PR) in breast cancer cells 

      Szmyd, Monica; Lloyd, Victoria; Hallman, Kelly M.; Mladenovik, Viktoria; McKee, Christina; Morse, Mia; Bedgood, Tyler; Dinda, Sumi (2018-01-18)
      The North American plant Cimicifuga racemosa, also known as black cohosh (BC), is a herb that recently has gained attention for its hormonal effects. As the usage of hormone replacement therapy is declining due to its ...
    • Empowering users with a new online catalog 

      Lombardo, Shawn V.; Condic, Kristine S. (Emerald, 2000)
      In June 1998 Oakland University's library migrated to a new online catalog. In order to determine user acceptance of the new OPAC, students receiving library instruction were asked to complete an open-ended questionnaire ...
    • Environmental Health Risk Perception of Hydraulic Fracturing in the US 

      Olawoyin, Richard; McGlothlin, Charles; Conserve, Donaldson F.; Ogutu, Jack (Cogent Environmental Science, 2016-07-08)
      The advent of new technologies such as directional drilling (D2) and the hydraulic fracturing technique (HFtech) has made it possible to enhance energy production from petroleum reserves. The procedures involved have however ...
    • Equipping academic librarians to integrate the Framework: A theoretical application 

      Nichols Hess, Amanda (2015-11)
      Academic librarians are increasingly charged with providing instruction in conducting research and using library resources to students, faculty, and staff in higher education. In early 2015, the Association of College and ...
    • Evolving nature of sexual orientation and gender identity 

      Jourian, T.J. (2015)
      This chapter discusses the historical and evolving terminology, constructs, and ideologies that inform the language used by those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, and same-gender loving, who may identify as queer, as well ...
    • Exploring gender through education abroad programs: A graduate student case study 

      Squire, D.D.; Williams, T.E.; Cartwright, M.; Jourian, T.J.; Monter, M.; Weatherford, A. (2015)
      This case study explores how graduate students who attended a short-term education abroad program understood gender as a result of participation in the trip. Findings reveal that students’ understandings of gender are ...
    • Exploring information security and shared encrypted spaces in libraries 

      Engwall, Keith D. (Code4Lib Journal, 2015-01-15)
      Libraries are sensitive to the need to protect patron data, but may not take measures to protect the data of the library. However, in an increasingly collaborative online environment, the protection of data is a concern ...
    • Feeling it is how I understand it: Found poetry as analysis 

      Wiggins, Jackie (2011)
      This paper tells the story of a researcher's analysis process that became a journey to an unfamiliar place and, ultimately, to a new way of conceiving analysis and a new way of seeing--at least, new to me as researcher. ...
    • A frictional contact problem for an electro-viscoelastic body 

      Lerguet, Zhor; Shillor, Meir; Sofonea, Mircea (2007-12)
      A mathematical model which describes the quasistatic frictional contact between a piezoelectric body and a deformable conductive foundation is studied. A nonlinear electro-viscoelastic constitutive law is used to model the ...
    • From information experts to expert educators? Academic librarians' experiences with perspective transformation and their teaching identities 

      Nichols Hess, Amanda (2017)
      As information formats, needs, and access change, post-secondary students need to be prepared to make sense of the morass of content they encounter – for academic, professional, and personal purposes. Academic librarians ...
    • “Fun and carefree like my polka dot bowtie”: Disidentifications of trans*masculine students of color 

      Jourian, T.J. (2017)
      Men and masculinities studies in higher education, as well as emergent scholarship on the experiences of trans* college students, have been expanding in recent years. Both strands have significant gaps that in combination ...
    • Gender and Casual Sex from Adolescence to Young Adulthood: Social and Life Course Correlates 

      Lyons, Heidi A.; Manning, Wendy D.; Longmore, Monica A.; Giordano, Peggy C. (2014)
      The prevalence of casual sexual activity among teens and emerging adults has led to much public attention. Yet limited research has investigated whether the number of casual sexual partners per year changes as ...
    • Gender, Race, and Age of Librarians and Users Have an Impact on the Perceived Approachability of Librarians 

      Daniel, Dominique (University of Alberta Learning Services, 2013)
      A Review of: Bonnet, J. L., & McAlexander, B. (2012). Structural diversity in academic libraries: A study of librarian approachability. The Journal of Academic Librarianship, 38(5), 277-286. doi:10.1016/j.acalib.2012.06.002
    • The Gene Encoding Dihydroflavonol 4-Reductase Is a Candidate for the anthocyaninless Locus of Rapid Cycling Brassica rapa (Fast Plants Type) 

      Wendell, Douglas L. (PLOS ONE, 2016-08-22)
      Rapid cycling Brassica rapa, also known as Wisconsin Fast Plants, are a widely used organism in both K-12 and college science education. They are an excellent system for genetics laboratory instruction because it is very ...
    • Global patterns and drivers of ecosystem functioning in rivers and riparian zones 

      Tiegs, Scott D.; Costello, David M.; Isken, Mark W.; Woodward, Guy; McIntyre, Peter B.; Gessner, Mark O.; Chauvet, Eric; Griffiths, Natalie A.; Flecker, Alex S.; Acuña, Vicenç; Albariño, Ricardo; Allen, Daniel C.; Alonso, Cecilia; Andino, Patricio; Arango, Clay; Aroviita, Jukka; Barbosa, Marcus V. M.; Barmuta, Leon A.; Baxter, Colden V.; Bell, Thomas D. C.; Bellinger, Brent; Boyero, Luz; Brown, Lee E.; Bruder, Andreas; Bruesewitz, Denise A.; Burdon, Francis J.; Callisto, Marcos; Canhoto, Cristina; Capps, Krista A.; Castillo, María M.; Clapcott, Joanne; Colas, Fanny; Colón-Gaud, Checo; Cornut, Julien; Crespo-Pérez, Verónica; Cross, Wyatt F.; Culp, Joseph M.; Danger, Michael; Dangles, Olivier; de Eyto, Elvira; Derry, Alison M.; Díaz Villanueva, Veronica; Douglas, Michael M.; Elosegi, Arturo; Encalada, Andrea C.; Entrekin, Sally; Espinosa, Rodrigo; Ethaiya, Diana; Ferreira, Verónica; Ferriol, Carmen; Flanagan, Kyla M.; Fleituch, Tadeusz; Follstad Shah, Jennifer J.; Frainer Barbosa, André; Friberg, Nikolai; Frost, Paul C.; Garcia, Erica A.; García Lago, Liliana; García Soto, Pavel Ernesto; Ghate, Sudeep; Giling, Darren P.; Gilmer, Alan; Gonçalves, José Francisco Jr.; Gonzales, Rosario Karina; Graça, Manuel A. S.; Grace, Mike; Grossart, Hans-Peter; Guérold, François; Gulis, Vlad; Hepp, Luiz U.; Higgins, Scott; Hishi, Takuo; Huddart, Joseph; Hudson, John; Imberger, Samantha; Iñiguez-Armijos, Carlos; Iwata, Tomoya; Janetski, David J.; Jennings, Eleanor; Kirkwood, Andrea E.; Koning, Aaron A.; Kosten, Sarian; Kuehn, Kevin A.; Laudon, Hjalmar; Leavitt, Peter R.; Lemes da Silva, Aurea L.; Leroux, Shawn J.; LeRoy, Carri J.; Lisi, Peter J.; MacKenzie, Richard; Marcarelli, Amy M.; Masese, Frank O.; McKie, Brendan G.; Medeiros, Adriana Oliveira; Meissner, Kristian; Miliša, Marko; Mishra, Shailendra; Miyake, Yo; Moerke, Ashley; Mombrikotb, Shorok; Mooney, Rob; Moulton, Tim; Muotka, Timo; Negishi, Junjiro N.; Neres-Lima, Vinicius; Nieminen, Mika L.; Nimptsch, Jorge; Ondruch, Jakub; Paavola, Riku; Pardo, Isabel; Patrick, Christopher J.; Peeters, Edwin T. H. M.; Pozo, Jesus; Pringle, Catherine; Prussian, Aaron; Quenta, Estefania; Quesada, Antonio; Reid, Brian; Richardson, John S.; Rigosi, Anna; Rincón, José; Rîşnoveanu, Geta; Robinson, Christopher T.; Rodríguez-Gallego, Lorena; Royer, Todd V.; Rusak, James A.; Santamans, Anna C.; Selmeczy, Géza B.; Simiyu, Gelas; Skuja, Agnija; Smykla, Jerzy; Sridhar, Kandikere R.; Sponseller, Ryan; Stoler, Aaron; Swan, Christopher M.; Szlag, David; Teixeira-de Mello, Franco; Tonkin, Jonathan D.; Uusheimo, Sari; Veach, Allison M.; Vilbaste, Sirje; Vought, Lena B. M.; Wang, Chiao-Ping; Webster, Jackson R.; Wilson, Paul B.; Woelfl, Stefan; Xenopoulos, Marguerite A.; Yates, Adam G.; Yoshimura, Chihiro; Yule, Catherine M.; Zhang, Yixin X.; Zwart, Jacob A. (2019-01-09)
      River ecosystems receive and process vast quantities of terrestrial organic carbon, the fate of which depends strongly on microbial activity. Variation in and controls of processing rates, however, are poorly characterized ...
    • Health Promotion in Therapy 

      Arena, Sara (Wolters Kluwer, 2018-01)
    • “I wouldn’t look at it as stress”: Conceptualizations of Caregiver Stress among Low-Income Families of Children with Asthma 

      Cheezum, Rebecca R.; Sampson, Natalie R.; Parker, Edith A.; Lewis, Toby C.; O’Toole, Ashley; Zuniga, Adriana; Patton, Jean; Robbins, Thomas G.; Keirns, Carla C. (2013-02-24)
      Low-income caregivers of children with asthma experience multiple stressors, likely worsening family health. As part of Community Action Against Asthma’s community-based participatory research partnership, researchers ...
    • Influence of peer feedback on the relations between communication, coordination, and performance in global virtual teams 

      McLarnon, Matthew J. W.; Law, Denise; O'Neill, Thomas A.; Taras, Vasyl; Donia, Magda B. L.; Steel, Piers (European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology, 2017-05)
      The use of virtual teams is increasing in large, multinational organizations around the globe. However, teams of this type, often referred to as global virtual teams (GVTs), are faced with numerous challenges and coordination ...
    • Instructional methods used by health sciences librarians to teach evidence-based practice (EBP): a systematic review 

      Swanberg, Stephanie M; Dennison, Carolyn Ching; Farrell, Alison; Machel, Viola; Marton, Christine; O'Brien, Kelly K; Pannabecker, Virginia; Thuna, Mindy; Holyoke, Assako Nitta (Journal of the Medical Library Association, 2016-07)
      Background Librarians often teach evidence-based practice (EBP) within health sciences curricula. It is not known what teaching methods are most effective. Methods A systematic review of the literature was conducted ...
    • Instructional modalities and perspective transformation: How academic librarians’ experiences in blended/hybrid, and online instruction influence their teaching identities 

      Nichols Hess, Amanda (2020-01)
      As librarians’ instructional responsibilities diversify, it is useful to consider what factors influence how they see themselves as educators. In this research, the author used a survey instrument grounded in transformative ...