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    • Oakland University Magazine Fall 2004 

      Oakland University (Oakland University, 2004)
      Contents: News; Giving; Sports; Gold Minds; Lights, Camera, Vision; University Welcomes Mexican President; Ryder Cup and Tiger Woods; Doctor on the Front Lines; All revved up!; Timeless treasure; South Beach Diet doctor ...
    • Oakland University Magazine Fall 2007 

      Oakland University (Oakland University, 2007)
      Contents: Letters; News; Sports; Campaign for OU; The Grizz gets a new look; Renaissance man on the Middle Ages; Primary pundits; A whale of a good idea; Coffee break; Evil Bart's last Days; The making of a medical school; ...
    • Oakland University Magazine Fall 2008 

      Oakland University (Oakland University, 2008)
      Contents: Letters; News; Campaign for OU; Sports; What's your game?; Gold Minds; Worldwide classroom; Up to Parr; Planted; Curl up by the fire; A conversation with...; Forces of nature; Life changes; Top dog; Diva comes ...
    • Oakland University Magazine Spring 2005 

      Oakland University (Oakland University, 2005)
      Contents: News; Giving; Sports; Gold Minds; A Game of Chance; NeuroHero; A Healthy Idea; Innovation and Opportunity; New beginnings are their specialty; Alumni News; Schools & Colleges; Class Notes; Profiles; How gifts ...
    • Oakland University Magazine Spring 2016 

      Oakland University (Oakland University, 2016-04)
      President's Perspective; Little Parrots: Dream business immerses students in language, culture; Diving into History: Edward Vesely pilots the last flying Helldiver; Alumni Profiles: Mary Fisher; All American swimmer Devon ...
    • Oakland University Magazine Spring 2017 

      Oakland University (2017-06)
      Editor's Letters; #ThisIsOU; Around Campus; Athletics; Alumni; Giving; Holding Court: Coach Greg Kampe on his longstanding career and winning team culture; Physicians of the Future: Oakland University William Beaumont ...
    • Oakland University Magazine Spring/Summer 2004 

      Oakland University (Oakland University, 2004)
      Contents: Letters, News, Giving, Sports, A legacy of giving, Examined lives, The world around him, Wheels in motion, Right on net!, Alumni News, Class Notes, Profiles, Schools & Colleges, How gifts make a difference, OU Moment
    • Oakland University Magazine Spring/Summer 2007 

      Oakland University (Oakland University, 2007)
      Contents: Letters; News; Campaign for OU; Sports; Gold Minds; We're golden; A lesson in friendship; You can tell a book...; Wordsmith; Alumni News; Schools & Colleges; Class Notes; Profiles; Donor Honor Roll; OU Moment
    • Oakland University Magazine Spring/Summer 2009 

      Oakland University (Oakland University, 2009)
      Contents: Letters; News; Campaign for OU; Sports; Same planet, different world; Urban legend; Helping paws; Healing heart; On the ball; Change of station; Professional pioneers; Alumni News; Schools & Colleges; Class Notes; ...
    • Oakland University Magazine, Fall 1982 

      Oakland University (1982-09)
      President; Oakland University's benefactors . . . a legacy of giving, by Carole Cornell Trautman; New members of The President's Club; In memoriam; Foundation Trustees annual dinner; Alumni Fund allocations announced; DASA ...
    • Oakland University Magazine, Fall 1983 

      Oakland University (1983)
      President. A tribute to a Charter class, to a Charter faculty, and to a University, by George T. Matthews; In pursuit of academic excellence, a tradition, a responsibility; Oakland University Ambassadors-at-large; Roster ...
    • Oakland University Magazine, Fall 1984 

      Oakland University (1984)
      Editor's choice; Bemis and Googasian come on board; Pledges: allocated and under way; Im memoriam-Harold A. Fitzgerald; Alumni memorial scholarship winner named; for the fund of it; Recretion, P.C.-style; Summer sports ...
    • Oakland University Magazine, Fall 1985 

      Oakland University (1985)
      Editor's choice; Feeling out of touch?; Auto racing, Concours-style; A new school of thought; When we want your advice…; Scholarships and services delivered; They’re back; Scrambling victory; Tinnion joins soccer staff; ...
    • Oakland University Magazine, Fall 1986 

      Oakland University (1986)
      Editor's Choice; Cancer treatment helps pets today--patients tomorrow?; Deans appointed for second term; Awards, honorary degree presented at commencement; $75,000 challenge meets its match...and then some; University ...
    • Oakland University Magazine, Fall 1987 

      Oakland University (1987)
      Editor's Choice; That's what friends are for; Gallery mounts 'dazzling' exhibit; University's first employee wraps up a 30 year career; Car dealers endow scholarships through campaign; Alum lauded as "Woman of promise"; ...
    • Oakland University Magazine, Fall 1988 

      Oakland University (1988)
      Editor's Choice. Making way for maestro; Classic reading, spelling texts have Oakland touch; Witt named dean of engineering; Bingham to help award annual Newbery Medal; Kurt Luedtke starts year as McGregor prof; Sing along ...
    • Oakland University Magazine, Fall 1989 

      Oakland University (1989)
      Editor's Choice; Calling all alums for TeleFund '89; Excellence awards go to Osthaus, Stanovich; Of head coaches and history; Urice named Dean of Arts and Sciences; Hartmann re-elected as Board chairperson; Eye Institute ...
    • Oakland University Magazine, Fall 1990 

      Oakland University (1990)
      Editor's Choice. Dateline Egypt: business is booming; Focus: Andrea L. Fischer; Briefly; Hobby horses; Bravo, by Vicky Billington; No grades, no glory, by Duffy Ross; Mussel bound, by Duffy Ross; Solutions to evolution; ...
    • Oakland University Magazine, Fall 1991 

      Oakland University (1991)
      Editor's Choice; Briefly; Learning the ropes; Focus: Penny M. Crissman; Oakland takes a bow; A friendly sleepover; Eavesdropping; Waste not, want not, by Jay Jackson an Duffy Ross; Expressive visions and exquisite images; ...
    • Oakland University Magazine, Fall 1992 

      Oakland University (1992)
      Editor's Choice; Briefly; Squirrel Road scholars; Focus: Walter Douglas; Five-year teacher plan; Give me five!; Noble calling, by Vicky Billington; Packard on particulars; Unconscious effort, by Jay Jackson; Manufactured ...