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    • "Improvement projects beautify OU campus" 

      Oakland University
      "Oakland University is enhancing and beautifying its campus this summer and early fall with a variety of improvement projects."
    • Minutes of the Meeting of the Oakland University Board of Trustees April 13, 1962 

      Oakland University. Board of Trustees. (1962-04-13)
      Approval of recommendation for use of Pryale funds | Termination of W. Rhode | Appointment of Quaintance | Appointment of J. Blair | Appointment of R. Howes | Appointment of DuBruck | Appointment of Williamson | Added ...
    • Minutes of the Meeting of the Oakland University Board of Trustees February 19, 1959 

      Oakland University. Board of Trustees. (1959-02-19)
      Resolution for Student Center loan agreement | Gift of Stock from Mrs. Wilson | Designation of Varner as Chancellor | Grant of money from Oakland County Board of Supervisors | Awarding of contract for grading and landscaping ...
    • Minutes of the Meeting of the Oakland University Board of Trustees January 19, 1962 

      Personnel action | Approval of exchange of trees for barns with Harvey Beach | Gifts for Scholarship Fund | Gifts and Grants
    • Minutes of the Meeting of the Oakland University Board of Trustees November 11, 1971 

      Oakland University. Board of Trustees (1971-11-11)
    • Oakland University News: June 1992 

      University Relations News Service (Oakland University, 1992-06-01)
      16 Things a New Prez Must Know ; Commencement Will Give 1,600 an OU Sendoff ; Theatre Takes Honors from 'Free Press' ; Gallery's Outdoor Art Fair Promises 'Real Art, Real Fun' ; First Students Emerge from Pilot SEHS Teacher ...
    • Oakland University News: October 28, 1994 

      University Relations Publications Department (Oakland University, 1994-10-28)
      Entrance Adds Trees to Landscape ; Reality vs. Perception: Substance Abuse a Lesser Problem Than What Many May Think ; Moving Toward 'Cooperative Pluralism' ; Photo: Terry Waite ; Festive Evening Honors Oakland's Major ...
    • Oakland University Staff Bulletin: July 29-August 4, 1968 

      Oakland University (Oakland University, 1968-07-29)
      Topics: Legislature votes on more funds for the Performing Arts Building, Airports Service Lines to extend it's limousine service to Oakland University, Aharon Kuperman is headed to Tel-Aviv University to teach, Grounds ...
    • OU: May 31, 1972 

      Oakland University (Oakland University, 1972-05-31)
    • The Oakland Observer 1962-06-22 

      The Oakland Sail, Inc. (The Oakland Sail, Inc., 1962-06-22)
      MSUO Students Help In Horse Show ; Foundation - Others Give 159 Scholarships ; Two MSUO Students To Study "Tamil" ; Editor Again Denied Admission to Council ; Not "Frills" - Fritz ; Adolph Eichmann ; Suburban Community ...
    • The Oakland Sail 1984-10-08 

      Oakland Sail, Inc. (Oakland Sail, Inc., 1984-10-08)
      Trustee Plans Active Role ; Many qualifiers considered Campus hiring a complex process ; Alcohol policies Defied on Campuses ; NEWS ANALYSIS: Candidates play Games ; Internships increase ; South African boycott aimed at ...