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    • "Date set for e-mail conversion" 

      Oakland University (Oakland University, 2003-02-07)
      "Oakland University's Information Technology Department is preparing for the transition to a new e-mail system, which will provide a more stable environment to meet the needs of the campus community and help streamline ...
    • "E-mail service to be interrupted" 

      Oakland University (Oakland University, 2003-02-25)
      "All university e-mail processing will cease beginning Friday, Feb. 28, at 8:45 a.m. to facilitate a migration to the new Mirapoint e-mail system."
    • "E-mail system experiences slowdown" 

      Oakland University (Oakland University, 2003-01-23)
      "Oakland University's e-mail server recently has been struggling to handle the current volume and service expectations of the community. OU's Office of Information Technology is working to stabilize this frustrating situation ...
    • "New e-mail system being installed soon" 

      Oakland University (Oakland University, 2003-01-30)
      "To provide a more stable e-mail environment that meets the needs of the campus community and streamlines business processes, OU's Board of Trustees reviewed and approved a plan in December to implement a new e-mail system ...
    • "New e-mail system running smoothly" 

      Oakland University (Oakland University, 2003-03-04)
      "Oakland University students, faculty and staff now have access to an e-mail system that is faster, more secure and more reliable than ever before. The Information Technology Department completed some 22,000 e-mail account ...
    • "New Webmail system has enhanced features" 

      Oakland University (Oakland University, 2003-04-22)
      "Along with the recent upgrades to Oakland University's e-mail system, Webmail users now have a new system that's more reliable, has a user-friendly interface, and a variety of features that allow more versatility."
    • "Student broadcast e-mail procedure policy adopted" 

      Oakland University (Oakland University, 2003-10-13)
      "Oakland University has adopted a policy to send official university business communication, such as tuition and fee bills, financial aid information, schedule of classes and more, to students through their OU e-mail ...
    • "Students get official OU business via e-mail" 

      Oakland University (Oakland University, 2003-08-25)
      "Starting this fall, OU will begin sending official university business, such as tuition and fees bills, financial aid, schedule of classes, and information on grades and graduation, to students through their free OU e-mail ...
    • "Students to receive bills, grades via e-mail" 

      Oakland University (Oakland University, 2003-03-25)
      "Starting fall 2003, Oakland University will begin sending official university business information to students through their free OU e-mail account. With the MiraPoint e-mail solution now in place, the university will ...
    • "UTS contains computer virus" 

      Oakland University (Oakland University, 2003-06-10)
      "Staff from University Technology Services employed measures last week to contain a malicious e-mail virus that affected desktop computer systems at Oakland University."