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    • Creating a University of Distinction 

      Moran, Seán Farrell (Oakland University, 2010-10-01)
      John Henry Newman’s The Idea of the University (1873) holds that the sole reason for universities is to create knowledge. He envisioned a community of scholars—faculty members as well as their students—whose efforts were ...
    • The Disease of Human Consciousness 

      Moran, Seán Farrell (Oakland University, 2007-01-01)
      Miguel de Unamuno was a great man at a critical moment in the history of western civilization at what was the most critical time of the last century.
    • For the Good of America and for the Growth of Liberty and Opportunity 

      Moran, Seán Farrell (Oakland University, 2013-01-01)
      Essay advocating for dog fighting in United States.
    • Memory and the Dark Dream of Irish History 

      Moran, Seán Farrell (Oakland University, 2002-04-01)
      Irish history has left its traces in memory, legible vestiges which survive no matter how often they seem to be erased. It is these traces which reiterate Irish history and in the process control the past and the present.
    • Remembering Seamus Heany: Poetry and the Historians 

      Moran, Seán Farrell (Oakland University, 2015-01-01)
      Tribute to poet Seamus Heaney