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    • Dynamic contact of two GAO beams 

      Ahn, Jeongho; Kuttler, Kenneth; Shillor, Meir (2012-11)
      The dynamic contact of two nonlinear Gao beams that are connected with a joint is modeled, analyzed, and numerically simulated. Contact is modeled with either (i) the normal compliance condition, or (ii) the unilateral ...
    • Dynamic contact with Signorini's condition and slip rate dependent friction 

      Kuttler, Kenneth; Shillor, Meir (2004-06)
      Existence of a weak solution for the problem of dynamic frictional contact between a viscoelastic body and a rigid foundation is established. Contact is modelled with the Signorini condition. Friction is described by a ...
    • Product measurability with applications to a stochastic contact problem with friction 

      Kuttler, Kenneth; Shillor, Meir (2014-12)
      A new product measurability result for evolution equations with random inputs, when there is no uniqueness of the ω-wise problem, is established using results on measurable selection theorems for measurable multi- functions. ...