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    • Oakalnd University News: October 8, 1974 

      Oakland University (Oakland University, 1974-10-08)
      Trustees Elect Saltzman and Carr to Board Posts, Board Accepts $1.3 Million in Funds, Fulbright Competition Has October Deadline, Scherer Will Speak on Women in the Future, O'Dowd Thanks Community for Open House Support, ...
    • Oakand alumnus rewrites history 

      Eagen, Charles (Oakland Observer, 1967-10-06)
    • Oakland and Me: A Look Back at My Decanal Years 

      Horwitz, Ronald M. (Oakland University, 2007-10-01)
      “My years as dean, from 1979 to 1991, were the most professionally rewarding of my entire academic career.” Let’s see why.
    • Oakland Athletics: The Secret of Success 

      Kampe, Greg (Oakland University, 2006-01-01)
      Why has Oakland University made such a successful jump to Division I athletics in such a short period of time, when the road to major college bliss is littered with universities that have failed?
    • Oakland Engineering Magazine, 2015 

      Oakland University. School of Engineering and Computer Science (2015)
    • Oakland Expression 

      Unknown author (1974-11)
    • Oakland Expression Volume I, No. 1 

      Unknown author (1973-10-12)
    • Oakland Expression Volume I, No. 3 

      Unknown author (1973-11-12)
    • Oakland Expression Volume I, No. 4 

      Unknown author (1973-11-26)
    • Oakland Expression Volume II, No. 2 

      Unknown author (1974-10-17)
    • Oakland Expression Volume II, No. 3 

      Unknown author (1974-10-31)
    • Oakland Expression Volume II, No. 4 

      Unknown author (1974-11-27)
    • Oakland Expression Voume I, no. 5 

      Unknown author (1973-12-10)
    • The Oakland Post 1988-04-18 

      Oakland Sail, Inc. (1988-04-18)
      Processing parking tickets not worth trouble for school ; Journalist fills McGregor chair ; Group effort ; Frequency search finds 3 FM spots for radio station ; Chavez pushes for grapes boycott ; Students lobby for university; ...
    • The Oakland Post 2009-03-04 

      Lindsay Wojcik; Colleen Miller; John Gardner; Thomas Rowland; Brooke Hug; Amanda Meade; Jared Purcell; Masudur Rahman; Tim Rath; Katie Jacob; Donna Lange-Tucker; Sean Garner; Joe Guzman; Rory McCarty; Kay Nguyen; Mackenzie Roger; Brad Slazinski; Kathleen Quandt; Ashleigh Quinn (Oakland Sail, Inc., 2009-03-04)
      Picturing the summit ; Basketball teams and fans head to Sioux Falls ; Bomb threat closes buildings on campus Tuesday ; After canine units investigate, Oakland Center and O'Dowd reopen ; Nanotech research center created ; ...
    • The Oakland Sail 1983-12-05 

      Robert Waters; Jane Briggs-Bunting; Cliff Weathers; Michele Koblin; Bill Sleeman; Joe Conte; Lorie King; David George; Merrelyn Ashley; Paul Biondi; Steve Brudzinski; Gary Budry; Regina Calabrese; Dave DeWolf; Kelley Dillon; Beth Ezmerlian; Caryn Hall; Mike Jordan; Julie Kahler; Joellen M. LaBaere; Cindy Mooty; Kevin Patterson; Cary Russo; Brenda Schlaud; Marquette Slaughter; Dean Stanley; Chris Tetreault; Elise Yolles; Bryan Born; Tim DeClaire; John Hoffman; Mike Homant; Lynn Howell; Geraldine Kelly; Bob Knoska; Michael Verville; Roberta Kennedy; Jean Mauser; Robert S. Fink (Oakland Sail, Inc., 1983-12-05)
      Kent State tragedy remembered ; Job outlook good for engineering and computer science students who plan ahead ; Lecture series continues ; Meadow Brook Hall a Christmas treat ; Seasonal tale shines ; The Day After ; Trial ...
    • “Oakland Undiapered”- Diapered 

      Brill, Max (Oakland University, 2004-10-01)
      The beginnings of the Oakland Undiapered teacher evaluation handbook

      Oakland University. Office of the President. (1972-06-30)

      Oakland University. Office of the President. (1973-06-30)