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    • "NAACP president and CEO to speak at OU" 

      Oakland University (Oakland University, 2001-01-18)
      "Oakland University's Student Life Lecture Board will host Kweisi Mfume, president and CEO of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People on Friday, January 26, at 3 pm in Meadow Brook Theatre."
    • Nadji White Reynolds Biography 

      Reynolds, Nadji White (2019-12-15)
      A brief biography of Chancellor Varner's executive assistant from 1959 to 1965.
    • "The Names" 

      Oakland University (Oakland University, 2002-09-12)
      "Poem written by Billy Collins, poet laureate of the United States, and read before Congress Sept. 6, 2002, at its joint session in New York City."
    • "Naming opportunities available for SEHS" 

      Oakland University (Oakland University, 2001-12-14)
      "Oakland University's Board of Trustees have approved naming opportunities for Oakland University's new School of Education and Human Services building. Naming gifts received will help support current, and develop new, ...
    • "Nancy Joseph" 

      Oakland University (Oakland University, 2004-04-15)
      "Nancy Joseph is a teacher of teachers. As an adviser for the Secondary Teacher Education Program, a cooperative program between the College of Arts and Sciences and School of Education and Human Services, Joseph is ...
    • "Narratime": Postmodern Temporality and Narrative 

      Winders, James A. (Association for Interdisciplinary Studies, 1993)
      The default mode for too many historians is a discredited view of time. Uncomfortable with disciplinary uncertainty and distrustful of disorder, historians resort to linear chronology and a conception of a neutral temporal ...
    • Narrating Enlightenment: Oral History and Civil Society after Hitler 

      Bergerson, Andrew Stuart (Association for Interdisciplinary Studies, 1998)
      Does oral history promote liberal values? civic virtues? This paper will explore the contemporary role of narrative interviews, a core method within the everyday life history movement in Central Europe (Alltagsgeschichte). ...
    • Narrative and Social Science: A Response to Gregory Reck 

      Nixon, Howard L., II (Association for Interdisciplinary Studies, 1993)
      While his appeal for open narratives arising from dialogic encounters between scientist and subject has much to commend it. Reck appears to be abandoning the search for causal explanation and useful generalization. Further, ...
    • Narrative and Social Science: Reclaiming the Existential 

      Reck, Gregory G. (Association for Interdisciplinary Studies, 1993)
      From the model developed by Malinowski, ethnographic writing has assumed a standard form. Implicit genre conventions include the unobtrusive presence of the ethnographer; the aim of representing "the native's point of ...
    • Narrative and the Physical Sciences 

      Mackey, J. Linn (Association for Interdisciplinary Studies, 1993)
      A fable is presented that depicts a view of the situation of science in a postmodern world. This is followed by a brief account of how a foundationalist interpretation of scientific epistemology emerged. The attack on ...
    • A Narrative Literature Review of the Psychological Hindrances Affecting Return to Sport After Injuries 

      Sweeney, Ashley
      After different sport injuries, athletes may express different psychological emotions that lead to stress. These emotions include anger, fear, frustration, anxiety and depression which may lead to lack of confidence and/or ...
    • "NASA engineer to give Hammerle Lecture" 

      Oakland University (Oakland University, 2003-10-17)
      "John Scott of NASA's Johnson Space Center will be the featured speaker when Oakland University's School of Engineering and Computer Science presents its 16th annual Hammerle Lecture. The lecture is at 3:30 p.m. Thursday, ...
    • "NASA internship launches OU graduate" 

      Oakland University (Oakland University, 2003-08-21)
      "Imagine creating technology that some day may skim the red sands of Mars or soar weightless across the moon's plateaus. With a 2003 NASA internship, SECS alumnus Matt Rizzo is one step closer to making that dream come ...
    • "National award winner wraps up concert series" 

      Oakland University (Oakland University, 2004-03-31)
      "The newly implemented Saturday Night Sounds concert series came to a close for the season March 27 with the national award-winning musician Jason Levasseur. Combining his talents of vocals, guitar and drums, Levasseur ...
    • "National exhibit on Colonial medicine visiting Oakland University" 

      Oakland University (Oakland University, 2015-07-10)
      "The Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine Medical Library is hosting the National Library of Medicine's traveling exhibit Every Necessary Care and Attention: George Washington and Medicine. The exhibit ...
    • "National political science honor society names OU branch a 2015 Best Chapter" 

      Oakland University (Oakland University, 2015-08-07)
      "National political science honor society Pi Sigma Alpha recently awarded its Oakland University chapter, Nu Omega, with a Best Chapter Award for the fourth time in five years."
    • "National Science Foundation grant helps students pursue education, careers in engineering" 

      Oakland University (Oakland University, 2016-12-02)
      "A $599,980 "Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)" grant from the National Science Foundation is helping Oakland University students pursue their career and educational goals in the fields ...
    • "Native American duo Spirits Rising to perform Jan. 28 at Oakland University" 

      Oakland University (Oakland University, 2017-01-06)
      "Spirits Rising, a dynamic musical duo featuring Native American singers and songwriters Allison Radell and Joe Reilly - will be performing at 8 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 28 following a workshop on Native American music and ...
    • Natives: Ambrotypes from the Digital Frontier 

      Evans, Susan E. (Oakland University, 2010-10-01)
      After the invention of wet plate photography, the ambrotypist/ferrotypist traveled the Western frontier in wagons, photographing those living on the fringe of civilization. Nearly 160 years later, I travel the new frontier ...
    • Navigating Complex Trade-offs in Conservation and Development: An Integrative Framework 

      Hirsch, Paul D.; Brosius, J. Peter (Association for Interdisciplinary Studies, 2013)
      We present a framework that makes space for multiple perspectives and ways of thinking about complex trade-off problems in conservation and development.  At the core of the framework are three “integrative lenses” designed ...