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    • Focus: Oakland 1970-02-18 

      The Oakland Sail, Inc. (The Oakland Sail, Inc., 1970-02-18)
      Open City questions own existence - asks for funds ; OU Fire Department awaits state money ; News Shorts: Symbolic Symbols Requirement ; Oakland Review ; Contempt of Justice - Conspiracy Scoreboard ; Thefts shake Vandenberg; ...
    • "Hamlin Hall circle to be redesigned" 

      Oakland University (Oakland University, 2001-03-02)
      "A redesigned circle in front of Hamlin Hall will be developed this spring as part of the second stage of improvements made to on-campus housing at Oakland University"
    • Hamlin Hill Times 

      Unknown author (1968-09-02)
    • Minutes of the Meeting of the Oakland University Board of Trustees February 24, 2014 

      Oakland University. Board of Trustees (2014-02-24)
      A. Call to Order | B. Roll Call | C. Reports: Treasurer's Report | D. Consent Agenda for Consideration/Action: Consent Agenda; Minutes of the Board of Trustees Formal Session of December 9, 2013; University Personnel ...
    • MSUO to OU: Reversion to the Norm 

      Burdick, Harvey; Burke, Richard; Tomboulian, Paul (Oakland University, 2007-10-01)
      In the following record of an informal conversation held in May 2007, three early faculty members recall the beginnings of OU—called MSUO then—and the seemingly inevitable changes that occurred over time.
    • Oakland University News: August 7, 1973 

      Oakland University (Oakland University, 1973-08-07)
      Appropriations Bill Passed, Sent to Governor, Hamlin Hall Prepared As Freshman Residence, Board of Trustees Will Meet Aug. 15, Summer Program Has Record Enrollment, OU Offers Career Advising at Oakland Mall, Campus Calendar, ...
    • Oakland University News: volume 4, number 2, February 1968 

      Oakland University (Oakland University, 1968-02)
      Articles on: Proposed Budget Would Mean Program Changes, Galbraith Hits U.S. Foreign Policy, Student Volunteers Help Area Youth, New Dorm Named for County Leader, Faculty and Staff, Hold Annual Chancellor's Club Dinner, ...
    • Oakland University Staff Bulletin: February 17-23, 1969 

      Oakland University (Oakland University, 1969-02-17)
      Topics: Library collecting donations to honor Martin Luther King, Jr. David Mascitelli will give "Last Lecture". Hamlin Hall dedication. Second Presentation of St. John Fisher Chapel Art Film Series. Friends of Oakland ...
    • OU Alumni News, January 1967 

      Oakland University. Alumni Relations (Office of Alumni Relations, 1967-01)
      Oakland announces $46 million building program ; 2879 projected Winter enrollment ; 57 graduate in December ; Benefit concert for musical scholarships ; Charter college students study and travel in Europe ; Nine-story, ...
    • OU Alumni News, Winter 1968 

      Oakland University. Alumni Relations (Office of Alumni Relations, 1968)
      Oakland University campus in the snow ; Civil rights plot of contemporary play ; NDEA loans aid 1572 ; Students fund $100,000 for library books ; Coherent optics seminar ; Varner and Meadow Brook cited in New York Times ...
    • The Oakland Observer 1968-02-02 

      The Oakland Sail, Inc. (The Oakland Sail, Inc., 1968-02-02)
      Proposed Budget Problems Deepen ; Athletic Fields To Be Built ; Hamlin Hall Opens in Fall ; Josh White Next Friday ; THE OBSERVER Editorials: Crisis Demands Extended Concern ; Student Questions Budget Analysis ; Personal ...
    • The Oakland Observer 1969-10-03 

      The Oakland Sail, Inc. (The Oakland Sail, Inc., 1969-10-03)
      COMMIT A FELONY IN ROCHESTER WEEK ; EDITORIALS: Feel Like I'm Fixin to Get Stoned ; A SEALED BOX CAR ; S D S ; International ; Commuter Council Wants You ; Quotes of the Week ; Photo Gallery Opens ; Earth House Hold: The ...
    • The Oakland Post 2001-02-07 

      Oakland Sail, Inc. (Oakland Sail, Inc., 2001-02-07)
      NEWS edge ; CTs ratify contract ; BOT okays on campus apartments ; OU'S Most Wanted: Police crack down on illegal parking ; Faculty question online content ownership ; Liaison positions open Applications due March 30 ; ...
    • The Oakland Post 2009-05-13 

      Oakland Sail, Inc. (Oakland Sail, Inc., 2009-05-13)
      LOCAL COLOR ; THIS WEEK ; STAFF EDITORIAL We challenge you to celebrate discomfort ; A stop at the top limits the view ; Are virgins the new aliens? ; Student engineering wars: Three engineering organizations prepare for ...
    • The Oakland Sail 1979-03-29 

      Oakland Sail, Inc. (Oakland Sail, Inc., 1979-03-29)
      WHAT'S NEW WITH POT LAWS? The decriminalization struggle continues ; Most OU students favor $25 fine ; BZZZZZ! Those alarms can be alarming ; 'Ticketmongers' leave 37 Tiger fans disappointed ; Scoring down South ; Sail ...
    • The Oakland Sail 1980-03-17 

      Oakland Sail, Inc. (Oakland Sail, Inc., 1980-03-17)
      No motive found in slaying of OU student ; George Bush FOR PRESIDENT ; Candidate's wife visits campus ; Students critical of proposed program Graduate nursing draws fire ; Dean Torch to leave OU ; EDITORIAL OU not ready ...
    • The Oakland Sail 1980-09-15 

      Oakland Sail, Inc. (Oakland Sail, Inc., 1980-09-15)
      Parking; traffic hassles annoy students ; Where East meets West New road connects campus ; Woman accosted near Hamlin Hall ; Students must pay tax under new court ruling ; Needs of rape victims main focus of seminar ; Sail ...
    • The Oakland Sail 1980-12-08 

      Oakland Sail, Inc. (Oakland Sail, Inc., 1980-12-08)
      State appropriation less than '79 OU Board approves Winter tuition hike ; No help for Headlee from Gov. Milliken ; Board files for summary relief; no end in presidential search ; Next year should be better; Milliken says ...
    • The Oakland Sail 1981-01-12 

      Oakland Sail, Inc. (Oakland Sail, Inc., 1981-01-12)
      Summer tuition hike possible Financial uncertainty ends for OU ; Selective Service sign-up begins ; Judge allows new OU president to take office ; Sail welcomes new editor ; Beer Lake truck rescue; fire disrupt X-mas break ...
    • The Oakland Sail 1981-01-19 

      Oakland Sail, Inc. (Oakland Sail, Inc., 1981-01-19)
      Search for deans begins to narrow ; SAB moves to curb waste ; Ferris coach stable following coronary ; Fire safety in OU dorms questioned ; OU celebrating Martin Luther King Day ; Sail Shorts ; EDITORIAL: Activity fee ...