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    • M.C.R.R.& G.T. Junction postcard 

      Unknown author
      Color postcard of railway tracks and workers.
    • McAleer Manufacturing Co. postcard 

      Unknown author
      Postcard with image of the McAleer Manufacturing Company building, with automobiles parked on the street.
    • McAleer Manufacturing Company advertisement 

      McAleer Manufacturing Company (1942)
      McAleer Manufacturing Co. advertisement. "Task Force with a Vital Objective: To Finish the Job, Faster, Better, at Lower Cost"
    • McAleer News, April 1, 1943, Vol. I, No. 11 

      McAleer Manufacturing Company (4/1/1943)
      Newsletter of the McAleer Manufacturing Company. "A Bi-Monthly Publication. Published for the employees of the McAleer Mfg. Co. by the Personnel Department."
    • Mill at Goodison 

      Rosemergy, John C. (1940)
      Caption from back: Mill at Goodison c. 1940. Photo by: John C. Rosemergy [address]
    • Miss Weir, teacher 

      Unknown author (1870)
      Hand-tinted photograph of Miss Weir, teacher in Rochester, Michigan in 1870s.
    • Mrs. Kidder 

      Hough, R. S.
      Portrait of Mrs. Kidder, wife of Reverend Kidder. From back: R.S. Hough ; Photographer 141 Saginaw Street Pontiac, Mich. Negative preserved.
    • Neighborhood scene with children and wagon 

      Unknown author
      Two boys with a younger child in a wagon on an unpaved street in Rochester, Michigan.
    • New Poems and Glad Outings 

      Snook, J. J. (1907)
      Cover and title page of J. J. Snook’s privately printed book of poetry, New Poems and Glad Outings.
    • The old farmhouse of Oscar George 

      Unknown author
      Postcard of home with white picket fence. Handwritten notes on front and back: "The old farmhouse of Oscar George now owned by Allan Sheldon" ; "Mother's old house when she was married" ; "Loaned by Mrs. J. H. Jones"
    • Oscar George 

      Unknown author
      Oscar George, posing with a seated woman, in front of his house. Handwritten on back: Home of Oscar P. George on N. Main St. Rochester, Mich. Lysander and Main. Leslie went to his grandparents on Xmas. Drove a buggy in to ...
    • Overlook Farm letterhead 

      Snook, J. J. (1900)
      Blank sheet of letterhead for Overlook Farm, with creases across page.
    • Overlook poem with Mackinac Island poem 

      Snook, J. J. (1900)
      Printed text of two poems written by John. J. Snook: Overlook and Mackinac Island. Handwritten notes by the author correcting text.
    • Page from voter registration list 

      Avon Township
      Page from book listing names of Avon Township voters, with several names crossed out.
    • Panoramic view of Overlook Farm, ca. 1905 

      Unknown author (1905)
      Panoramic view of pastoral scene of Overlook Farm with livestock.
    • Panoramic view of Overlook Farm, ca. 1905 

      Unknown author (1905)
      Panoramic view of farm machinery and buildings at Overlook Farm.
    • Parke-Davis & Co. Plant postcard 

      Unknown author
      Landscape view of Parke-Davis buildings. B-5.
    • Parke-Davis at 100 cover 

      Unknown author (Parke, Davis & Company, 1966)
      100th Anniversary Booklet cover. "...progress in the past...promise for the future"
    • Parke-Davis employees at the Parkedale Farm 

      Unknown author (The Detroit News, 1959-03)
      Black-and-white image depicting five Parke-Davis employees at the Parkedale facility
    • Parke-Davis Farm postcard 

      Rosemergy, John C. (1940)
      "Parke-Davis Farm. Rail car on Grand Trunk RR siding. Horse-drawn wagon with driver at center. Winter 1940. Photo by:John C. Rosemergy [address]"