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    • Idle Hour Theatre Movie Schedule 

      Idle Hour Theatre
      Movies featured at the Idle Hour Theatre in Rochester, Michigan. Heavily stained.
    • Idle Hour Theatre ticket 

      Idle Hour Theatre
      Merchants' Night ticket offering special admission price of 10 cents on Monday night at Rochester, Michigan's Idle Hour Theatre. The reverse side lists regular admission prices for children and adults, special offer for ...
    • Instruction Ballot - Avon 1912 

      Avon Township (Avon Township, 1912)
      1912 Avon Township election ballot with instructions.
    • Interior view of sugar mill 

      Unknown author
      Interior view of sugar mill with machinery.
    • Interior view of sugar mill 

      Unknown author
      "Interior view of sugar mill showing multiple levels of machinery. "A glimpse into the interior of the Rochester Sugar House""
    • Jubilee Souvenir 1866-1916 

      Unknown author (Parke, Davis & Company, 1916)
      Cover of souvenir program for 50th anniversary [of Parke-Davis Co.?]
    • Leaders of the Past 

      Unknown author (Parke, Davis & Company, 1916)
      "Six portraits of past leaders: Hervey C. Parke, George S. Davis, Samuel P. Duffield, Theodore D. Buhl, William M. Warren, H.A. Wetzel"
    • M.C.R.R.& G.T. Junction postcard 

      Unknown author
      Color postcard of railway tracks and workers.
    • McAleer Manufacturing Co. postcard 

      Unknown author
      Postcard with image of the McAleer Manufacturing Company building, with automobiles parked on the street.
    • McAleer Manufacturing Company advertisement 

      McAleer Manufacturing Company (1942)
      McAleer Manufacturing Co. advertisement. "Task Force with a Vital Objective: To Finish the Job, Faster, Better, at Lower Cost"
    • McAleer News, April 1, 1943, Vol. I, No. 11 

      McAleer Manufacturing Company (4/1/1943)
      Newsletter of the McAleer Manufacturing Company. "A Bi-Monthly Publication. Published for the employees of the McAleer Mfg. Co. by the Personnel Department."
    • Mill at Goodison 

      Rosemergy, John C. (1940)
      Caption from back: Mill at Goodison c. 1940. Photo by: John C. Rosemergy [address]
    • Miss Weir, teacher 

      Unknown author (1870)
      Hand-tinted photograph of Miss Weir, teacher in Rochester, Michigan in 1870s.
    • Mrs. Kidder 

      Hough, R. S.
      Portrait of Mrs. Kidder, wife of Reverend Kidder. From back: R.S. Hough ; Photographer 141 Saginaw Street Pontiac, Mich. Negative preserved.
    • Neighborhood scene with children and wagon 

      Unknown author
      Two boys with a younger child in a wagon on an unpaved street in Rochester, Michigan.
    • New Poems and Glad Outings 

      Snook, J. J. (1907)
      Cover and title page of J. J. Snook’s privately printed book of poetry, New Poems and Glad Outings.
    • The old farmhouse of Oscar George 

      Unknown author
      Postcard of home with white picket fence. Handwritten notes on front and back: "The old farmhouse of Oscar George now owned by Allan Sheldon" ; "Mother's old house when she was married" ; "Loaned by Mrs. J. H. Jones"
    • Oscar George 

      Unknown author
      Oscar George, posing with a seated woman, in front of his house. Handwritten on back: Home of Oscar P. George on N. Main St. Rochester, Mich. Lysander and Main. Leslie went to his grandparents on Xmas. Drove a buggy in to ...
    • Overlook Farm letterhead 

      Snook, J. J. (1900)
      Blank sheet of letterhead for Overlook Farm, with creases across page.
    • Overlook poem with Mackinac Island poem 

      Snook, J. J. (1900)
      Printed text of two poems written by John. J. Snook: Overlook and Mackinac Island. Handwritten notes by the author correcting text.