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  • OU News: January 13, 1983 

    Unknown author (Oakland University, 1983-01-13)
    Contents include: Message from President Joseph Champagne about University budget; SAGA Food service reopens Heritage Room in Oakland Center;AAUP contract talks resume; University purchasing new IBM 4341 computer system; ...
  • OU News January 27, 1983 

    Unknown author (Oakland University, 1983-01-27)
    Articles on: Enrollment capped; New budget is $36 million leaving a first time unencumbered fund balance; Black awareness month; School of Engineering renamed School of Engineering and Computer Science; Department of ...
  • OU News February 10, 1983 

    Unknown author (Oakland University, 1983-02-10)
    Articles on: National Student Exchange; Budget freeze avoided; Emergency Assistance Task Force formed to assist needy in community; North Central visit to focus on doctoral programs; Twelve faculty received competitive ...
  • OU News February 25, 1983 

    Unknown author (Oakland University, 1983-02-25)
    Articles on: Board of Trustees vote to eliminate 15 academic majors and 2 administrative units; Program of OU to Combat Hunger (POUCH)annouces food and donation campaign for March; Pres. Champagne appointed member of Board ...
  • OU News March 11, 1983 

    Oakland University (1983-03-11)
  • OU News March 25, 1983 

    Oakland University (1983-03-25)
    Articles on: Board approves Faculty pact; Paul Hartman new athletic director; OU wins Forensics title; New fiscal policy; Faculty lecture, publish; Lecture on aging with guest speaker Wilma T. Donahue; Lieder recital; Diversions.
  • OU News April 7, 1983 

    Oakland University (1983-04-07)
    Articles on: Rare books missing in Kresge Library; Sigma XI Symposium; Faculty Staff contributions; Continuing Education Legal Assistant Diploma Program received re-approval by the American Bar Association; Robot safety ...
  • OU News April 22, 1983 

    Oakland University (1983-04-22)
    Articles on: Drugs detoxified in eye; Drive to combat hunger exceeds goal; Library rare book losses known following inventory; Faculty contributions noted; Slavic Studies program offers trip touring Soviet Union; New ...
  • OU News May 6,1983 

    Oakland University (1983-05-06)
    Articles on: Faculty win research, equipment awards; Mary Otto named interim director of research and academic development; OU sponsoring Summer Arts for Youth Camp.
  • OU News May 19, 1983 

    Unknown author (Oakland University, 1983-05-19)
    Contents include: Professors Gerald Freeman and Edward Bantel named to lead the new Early Childhood Research Training and Research Center; Prof. Don Iodice develops a crash course in French for Chrysler and American Motors ...
  • OU News June 2,1983 

    Unknown author (Oakland University, 1983-06-02)
    Articles on: Matilda and Alfred Wilson award winners for 1983 are Margaret Plant and John Rhadigan; Dean Mohammed S. Ghausi named dean of Engineering at the University of California at Davis; Tuition rises for 1983-84; ...
  • OU News June 16, 1983 

    Unknown author (Oakland University, 1983-06-16)
    Articles on: June commencement highlights; Summer Gerontology Study Tour to look at life of elderly in Israel; Clerical staff person Helen Poole honored by Credit Union NARCUP; Accounting schedule for 1982/83 University ...
  • OU News July 1, 1983 

    Unknown author (Oakland University, 1983-07-01)
    Articles on: Suzanne Frankie appointed Dean of Kresge Library; Ralph and Lillian Norvell honored in resolution by Board of Trustees; North Central praises OU; Department of Chemistry earns $130,000 grant; Declining economy ...
  • OU News July 14, 1983 

    Unknown author (Oakland University, 1983-07-14)
    Articles on: Aviation and space center; Center for the Arts director position; Beverly Berger honored by National Science Foundation; Academic Progress Policy revised; Meadow Brook Music Festival 20th season; Meadow Brook ...
  • OU News July 28, 1983 

    Unknown author (Oakland University, 1983-07-28)
    Articles on: Indexing payment schedule set; New faculty; Budget set; Alumni Association annual fund drive sets record; Board approves establishment of Center for the Arts; Nan K. Loh named John F. Dodge Professor of ...
  • OU News August 11, 1983 

    Unknown author (Oakland University, 1983-08-11)
    Articles on: Renaissance scholars; Picnic on the Grass XI and Glyndebourne picnic fund raising events; Professors William Forbes and Walter Wilson retire; Grants.
  • OU News August 25, 1983 

    Unknown author (Oakland University, 1983-08-25)
    Articles on: Board approves OU Foundation fund raising campaign; Ken Morris and Alex Mair remain Board of Trustees officers; Arun K. Roy; Doctoral specializations in health and environmental chemistry and in cellular ...
  • OU News September 8, 1983 

    Unknown author (Oakland University, 1983-09-08)
    Articles on: David Downing given Teaching Excellence Award; 664 graduate degrees conferred at Fall commencement; Carl F. Barnes appointed first director of Center for the Arts; Mary Otto and Barry Winkler selected to head ...
  • OU News September 22, 1983 

    Unknown author (Oakland University, 1983-09-22)
    Articles on: Virinder K. Moudgil visits China for endocrinology research; Higher Education Week in Michigan; Witt, Boddy Appointed; Grad Forum set; Research Excellence award; Septemberfest Alumni Association events; Faculty ...
  • OU News October 6, 1983 

    Unknown author (Oakland University, 1983-10-06)
    Articles on: Jeffrey Kottler Fulbright Scholarship lecture program; Cataract research at conference; President Champagne announces formation of a Commission on University Excellence; DeVlieg Machine Co.and DeVlieg Foundation ...

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