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    • The Logic of Christian Theology and the "Right to Die" 

      Lewis, Paul (Association for Interdisciplinary Studies, 2000)
      The logic of Christian faith challenges most of the claims made by those who affirm a right to die, including Nazi claims. Whereas right-to-die proponents view life as a possession with which we can do whatever we like, ...
    • The Moral and Legal Status of Physician-Assisted Death: Quality of Life and the Patient-Physician Relationship 

      Hillard, Bryan (Association for Interdisciplinary Studies, 2000)
      The historical analogy of Nazi Germany is quite misguided and forestalls useful debate on euthanasia. Rightly practiced, passive euthanasia can be seen as a medical duty in certain cases. Indeed, even the use of active ...
    • Toward a Unified Human Science 

      Szostak, Rick (Association for Interdisciplinary Studies, 2000)
      An organizing schema for human science is constructed, which consists of a hierarchical list of the phenomena of interest to human scientists, and the causal links (influences) among these phenomena. Such a schema has been ...