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  • Cyclic curves over the reals 

    Izquierdo, Milagros; Shaska, Tony (eprint arXiv:1501.01559, 2014-11-15)
    In this paper we study the automorphism groups of real curves admitting a regular meromorphic function f of degree p, so called real cyclic p-gonal curves. When p = 2 the automorphism groups of real hyperelliptic curves ...
  • OER Readiness and Environmental Scan of Departments with High-Enrollment Courses - SPARC OER Fellowship Final Report 

    Rodriguez, Julia E. (2019-05-12)
    For my SPARC OER Fellowship capstone project I conducted an open educational resources (OER) readiness and environmental scan of three departments with the high enrollment courses (HEC) to gather data about current practices, ...
  • Survey instrument and dataset for article entitled "Faculty Knowledge & Attitudes Regarding Predatory Open Access Journals: A Needs Assessment Study" 

    Swanberg, Stephanie; Thielen, Joanna; Bulgarelli, Nancy (2019)
    Survey instrument and dataset for published article (see article's abstract below) Objective: Predatory open access (OA) journals’ purpose is to make a profit, not disseminate quality, peer-reviewed research. Publishing ...
  • Dataset from: Research Forum: Creating and Sustaining an Intra-library Venue to Share Library Faculty Research 

    Thielen, Joanna; Spunaugle, Emily; Swanberg, Stephanie (2019)
    This data corresponds to the article "Research Forum: Creating and Sustaining an Intra-library Venue to Share Library Faculty Research"
  • Global patterns and drivers of ecosystem functioning in rivers and riparian zones 

    Tiegs, Scott D.; Costello, David M.; Isken, Mark W.; Woodward, Guy; McIntyre, Peter B.; Gessner, Mark O.; Chauvet, Eric; Griffiths, Natalie A.; Flecker, Alex S.; Acuña, Vicenç; Albariño, Ricardo; Allen, Daniel C.; Alonso, Cecilia; Andino, Patricio; Arango, Clay; Aroviita, Jukka; Barbosa, Marcus V. M.; Barmuta, Leon A.; Baxter, Colden V.; Bell, Thomas D. C.; Bellinger, Brent; Boyero, Luz; Brown, Lee E.; Bruder, Andreas; Bruesewitz, Denise A.; Burdon, Francis J.; Callisto, Marcos; Canhoto, Cristina; Capps, Krista A.; Castillo, María M.; Clapcott, Joanne; Colas, Fanny; Colón-Gaud, Checo; Cornut, Julien; Crespo-Pérez, Verónica; Cross, Wyatt F.; Culp, Joseph M.; Danger, Michael; Dangles, Olivier; de Eyto, Elvira; Derry, Alison M.; Díaz Villanueva, Veronica; Douglas, Michael M.; Elosegi, Arturo; Encalada, Andrea C.; Entrekin, Sally; Espinosa, Rodrigo; Ethaiya, Diana; Ferreira, Verónica; Ferriol, Carmen; Flanagan, Kyla M.; Fleituch, Tadeusz; Follstad Shah, Jennifer J.; Frainer Barbosa, André; Friberg, Nikolai; Frost, Paul C.; Garcia, Erica A.; García Lago, Liliana; García Soto, Pavel Ernesto; Ghate, Sudeep; Giling, Darren P.; Gilmer, Alan; Gonçalves, José Francisco Jr.; Gonzales, Rosario Karina; Graça, Manuel A. S.; Grace, Mike; Grossart, Hans-Peter; Guérold, François; Gulis, Vlad; Hepp, Luiz U.; Higgins, Scott; Hishi, Takuo; Huddart, Joseph; Hudson, John; Imberger, Samantha; Iñiguez-Armijos, Carlos; Iwata, Tomoya; Janetski, David J.; Jennings, Eleanor; Kirkwood, Andrea E.; Koning, Aaron A.; Kosten, Sarian; Kuehn, Kevin A.; Laudon, Hjalmar; Leavitt, Peter R.; Lemes da Silva, Aurea L.; Leroux, Shawn J.; LeRoy, Carri J.; Lisi, Peter J.; MacKenzie, Richard; Marcarelli, Amy M.; Masese, Frank O.; McKie, Brendan G.; Medeiros, Adriana Oliveira; Meissner, Kristian; Miliša, Marko; Mishra, Shailendra; Miyake, Yo; Moerke, Ashley; Mombrikotb, Shorok; Mooney, Rob; Moulton, Tim; Muotka, Timo; Negishi, Junjiro N.; Neres-Lima, Vinicius; Nieminen, Mika L.; Nimptsch, Jorge; Ondruch, Jakub; Paavola, Riku; Pardo, Isabel; Patrick, Christopher J.; Peeters, Edwin T. H. M.; Pozo, Jesus; Pringle, Catherine; Prussian, Aaron; Quenta, Estefania; Quesada, Antonio; Reid, Brian; Richardson, John S.; Rigosi, Anna; Rincón, José; Rîşnoveanu, Geta; Robinson, Christopher T.; Rodríguez-Gallego, Lorena; Royer, Todd V.; Rusak, James A.; Santamans, Anna C.; Selmeczy, Géza B.; Simiyu, Gelas; Skuja, Agnija; Smykla, Jerzy; Sridhar, Kandikere R.; Sponseller, Ryan; Stoler, Aaron; Swan, Christopher M.; Szlag, David; Teixeira-de Mello, Franco; Tonkin, Jonathan D.; Uusheimo, Sari; Veach, Allison M.; Vilbaste, Sirje; Vought, Lena B. M.; Wang, Chiao-Ping; Webster, Jackson R.; Wilson, Paul B.; Woelfl, Stefan; Xenopoulos, Marguerite A.; Yates, Adam G.; Yoshimura, Chihiro; Yule, Catherine M.; Zhang, Yixin X.; Zwart, Jacob A. (2019-01-09)
    River ecosystems receive and process vast quantities of terrestrial organic carbon, the fate of which depends strongly on microbial activity. Variation in and controls of processing rates, however, are poorly characterized ...
  • Advances and challenges in stem cell culture 

    McKee, Christina; Chaudhry, G. Rasul (2017-07-27)
    Stem cells (SCs) hold great promise for cell therapy, tissue engineering, and regenerative medicine as well as pharmaceutical and biotechnological applications. They have the capacity to self-renew and the ability to ...
  • A Life Course Perspective on Stress and Health Among Caregivers of Children With Asthma in Detroit 

    Cheezum, Rebecca R.; Sampson, Natalie R.; Parker, Edith A.; Lewis, Toby C.; O’Toole, Ashley; Patton, Jean; Zuniga, Adriana; Robins, Thomas G.; Keirns, Carla C. (2013-01)
    Low-income caregivers raising children with asthma experience many obstacles to their own health, including stress. To understand and describe their daily experiences, researchers conducted 40 qualitative interviews ...
  • Using PhotoVoice to understand health determinants of formerly-homeless individuals living in permanent housing in Detroit 

    Cheezum, Rebecca R.; Rosso, Matthew T.; Niewolak, Nick; Cobb, Tia (2018-12-14)
    Housing First is an evidence-based approach to addressing chronic homelessness that provides permanent, low-barrier housing. Previous literature on the health of tenants of Housing First programs has primarily focused on ...
  • “I wouldn’t look at it as stress”: Conceptualizations of Caregiver Stress among Low-Income Families of Children with Asthma 

    Cheezum, Rebecca R.; Sampson, Natalie R.; Parker, Edith A.; Lewis, Toby C.; O’Toole, Ashley; Zuniga, Adriana; Patton, Jean; Robbins, Thomas G.; Keirns, Carla C. (2013-02-24)
    Low-income caregivers of children with asthma experience multiple stressors, likely worsening family health. As part of Community Action Against Asthma’s community-based participatory research partnership, researchers ...
  • Interpreting American Ethnic Experiences: The Development of the Balch Library Collections 

    Daniel, Dominique (2016-10)
    The Balch Institute was a library and museum dedicated to immigration and ethnic history, based in Philadelphia. This article analyzes the development of its print and manuscript collections, from its first accessions in ...
  • Low birthweight, retention in HIV care, and adherence to ART among postpartum women living with HIV in Ghana 

    Sakyi, Kwame S; Lartey, Margaret Y; Dension, Julie A; Kennedy, Caitlin E; Mullany, Luke C; Gyebi, Prince O; Kwara, Awewura; Surkan, Pamela J (2018-07-02)
    Care for low birthweight (LBW) infants can contribute to psychological difficulties and stigma among mothers living with HIV, creating challenges for antiretroviral therapy (ART) adherence and retention in HIV care. We ...
  • Re-thinking patient motivation in clinical rehabilitation encounters: Insights from different theoretical perspectives 

    Papadimitriou, Christina; Caddick, Nick; Stone, David (2018-05)
    We use analytic pluralism to analyze a data excerpt from the medical rehabilitation of an inpatient with spinal cord injury and his physical therapist to examine how the concept of motivation is used in clinical practice. ...
  • Prediction of venous thromboembolism using semantic and sentiment analyses of clinical narratives 

    Sabra, Susan; Khalid, Mahmood Malik; Mazen, Alobaidi (2018)
    Venous thromboembolism (VTE) is the third most common cardiovascular disorder. It affects people of both genders at ages as young as 20 years. The increased number of VTE cases with a high fatality rate of 25% at ...
  • Linked open data-based framework for automatic biomedical ontology generation 

    Alobaidi, Mazen; Khalid, Mahmood Malik; Sabra, Susan (2018)
    Background: Fulfilling the vision of Semantic Web requires an accurate data model for organizing knowledge and sharing common understanding of the domain. Fitting this description, ontologies are the cornerstones of ...
  • "The mail never stops. It just keeps coming and coming and coming...” Providing Research Support and Instruction to High-enrollment Programs 

    Rodriguez, Julia E.; Bucciarelli, Elizabeth R. (2018-05-17)
    Managing the duties of an academic liaison librarian can be a challenge especially when the liaison departments have high student enrollments. Two librarians from separate comprehensive Michigan universities assigned to ...
  • The effects of black cohosh on the regulation of estrogen receptor (ERα) and progesterone receptor (PR) in breast cancer cells 

    Szmyd, Monica; Lloyd, Victoria; Hallman, Kelly M.; Mladenovik, Viktoria; McKee, Christina; Morse, Mia; Bedgood, Tyler; Dinda, Sumi (2018-01-18)
    The North American plant Cimicifuga racemosa, also known as black cohosh (BC), is a herb that recently has gained attention for its hormonal effects. As the usage of hormone replacement therapy is declining due to its ...
  • Intercultural wonderment and study abroad 

    Engberg, M.E.; Jourian, T.J. (2015)
    Although many findings related to study abroad point to the myriad benefits of such experiences, these studies focus more exclusively on direct effects (Engberg, 2013; Vande Berg, Connor-Linton, & Paige, 2009), overlooking ...
  • Primary school children's health behaviors, attitudes, and body mass index after a 10-week lifestyle intervention with follow-up 

    Brown, Elise C.; Buchan, Duncan S.; Drignei, Dorin; Wyatt, Frank B.; Kilgore, Lon; Cavana, Jonathan; Baker, Julien S. (2018-05-09)
    Background: Given the current global child obesity epidemic, testing the effectiveness of interventions in reducing obesity and its influencers is paramount. The purpose of this study was to determine immediate and long-term ...
  • Trans*forming authentic leadership: A conceptual framework 

    Jourian, T.J. (2014)
    This conceptual framework examines how the evolving literature on authentic leadership and development can be problematized and further clarified by looking at the identity development of trans* and genderqueer students. ...
  • Exploring gender through education abroad programs: A graduate student case study 

    Squire, D.D.; Williams, T.E.; Cartwright, M.; Jourian, T.J.; Monter, M.; Weatherford, A. (2015)
    This case study explores how graduate students who attended a short-term education abroad program understood gender as a result of participation in the trip. Findings reveal that students’ understandings of gender are ...

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