A university publication issued in 1960-1961

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  • MSOU Staff Bulletin: November 4 - 11, 1961 

    Unknown author (Oakland University, 1961-11-04)
    Calendar; Announcements: administrative meeting, commencement schedules; Academic Senate statement of integrity; WMSB features Pare Lorentz, Charles Rockwell, "Nuremburg" film; fine arts, theater performances; conference, ...
  • MSUO Staff Bulletin: February 18-25, 1961 

    Oakland University (Oakland University, 1961-02-18)
    Calendar ; Calendar details: First annual MSUO Chamber Music Festival; Appointments: Dr. Donald D. O'Dowd as Dean of the University; "Conversations Among the Poets" program; University emblem contest sponsored by Student ...
  • MSUO Staff Bulletin: December 22, 1961 

    Oakland University (Oakland University, 1961-12-22)
    Switchboard Hours , Mail Service , Personal Item, Special Notice
  • MSUO Staff Bulletin: December 16-23, 1961 

    Oakland University (Oakland University, 1961-12-16)
    Calendar ; Calendar details: Disaster Plans Committee Meeting , Christmas Dinner Dance, Announcements: Family Caroling Party , Scholarship Contest , Kresge Library Circulation Deadline , Kresge Library Holiday Schedule , Personal
  • MSUO Staff Bulletin: December 8-15, 1961 

    Oakland University (Oakland University, 1961-12-08)
    Calendar ; Calendar details: Toy Dance, Chorus Recital, Movies on China, Collateral Program, Ski Lesson, Science lecture, Student - Faculty Competition, Annual Christmas Party, Announcements: Faculty Women's Club, New ...
  • MSUO Staff Bulletin: December 2-10, 1961 

    Oakland University (Oakland University, 1961-12-02)
    Calendar ; Calendar details: Movies, Collateral Program, Chorus, Announcements: Faculty Women's Club Meeting, Late bulletin flash!
  • MSUO Staff Bulletin: November 19-December 2, 1961 

    Oakland University (Oakland University, 1961-11-19)
    Calendar ; Calendar details: Movie, 17th Century Film and Lecture, Oakland Center Holiday Schedule, SOS Club, Bridge Club, Concert, Square Dance, Announcements: Book Center, Board of Trustees , Personal , MSUO Directory Changes
  • MSUO Staff Bulletin: November 12-18, 1961 

    Oakland University (Oakland University, 1961-11-12)
    Calendar ; Calendar details: Receptions and Banquet, Bowling Tournament, Musical Presentations, SOS Club Meeting, Announcements: Speaker; Bridge Group Meeting, Recipe Exchange, Personal , Film Series , Holiday
  • MSUO Staff Bulletin: November 5-11, 1961 

    Oakland University (Oakland University, 1961-11-05)
    Calendar ; Calendar details: Lecture, Debate, Concert, Films, Tree Planting, Reminder, Speaker, Bridge Group Meeting, First Edition, MSUO Televised , MSUO Directory Changes
  • MSUO Staff Bulletin: October 20-28, 1961 

    Oakland University (Oakland University, 1961-10-20)
    Calendar ; Calendar details: Last Lecture Series, United Nations Day, French Visitor, Masquerade Party, Announcements: Parking Penalties , Radio Broadcasts, Faculty Recreation, Directory Changes
  • MSUO Staff Bulletin: October 14-20, 1961 

    Oakland University (Oakland University, 1961-10-14)
    Calendar ; Calendar details: Lecture-Concert Series, Collateral Program, Music Department, Lecture, Faculty Women's Club, Invitation, Continuing Education , Challenges to a Changing World, Student Faculty Recreation
  • MSUO Staff Bulletin; October 7-13, 1961 

    Oakland University (Oakland University, 1961-10-07)
    Calendar ; Calendar details: Music Presentation, Announcements: Art Department, Recorder Lessons , Lecture, Faculty Bridge Club meeting
  • MSUO Staff Bulletin: September 30-October 7, 1961 

    Oakland University (Oakland University, 1961-09-30)
    Calendar ; Calendar details: Exchange Student Benefit, Films, Art Department, Faculty Women's Club, Music Presentation, Tickets, University Chorus, Love Lecture, Reminder, Visitors, Personal
  • MSUO Staff Bulletin: September 23-29, 1961 

    Oakland University (Oakland University, 1961-09-23)
    Calendar ; Calendar details: Open House, Report On UN, Picnic, Dramatic Reading, SOS Club meeting , Announcements: Junior Chamber of Commerce Conference, Medieval Life Films, Dance to Benefit Exchange Student Program, ...
  • MSUO Staff Bulletin: September 16-22, 1961 

    Oakland University (Oakland University, 1961-09-16)
    Calendar ; Calendar details: Dinner- Dance, Tea for Freshman, Collateral Program, Faculty Women's Tea, Faculty golf tourney, Announcements: Appointment, Speakers' Bureau, Situations Wanted, Faculty Drama Reading, Speaker, ...
  • MSUO Staff Bulletin: September 9-15, 1961 

    Oakland University (1961-09-09)
    Calendar ; Calendar details: Social Hour and Dinner, Parents' Convocation, Administrative Group Meeting, Committee meeting, Western Institutions Staff Meeting , All-University Picnic, Announcements: Management Course , ...
  • MSUO Staff Bulletin: June 16, 1961 

    Oakland University (Oakland University, 1961-06-16)
    Student Center Summer Hours , University Schedule , Lecturer Mrs. June Collins will give four lectures , Yearbooks are available
  • MSUO Staff Bulletin; June 10-17, 1961 

    Oakland University (Oakland University, 1961-06-10)
    Calendar ; Announcements: Auction Results money will be placed in an advanced scholarship fund for a Teacher Education fund , Von Braun Tapes available , Continuing Education summer term shortened
  • MSUO Staff Bulletin: June 3-10, 1961 

    Oakland University (Oakland University, 1961-06-03)
    Calendar ; Calendar details: Blood Bank 112 donors accepted , Faculty Wives' Club The Mixed Bridge Group will hold its first meeting , Continuation Education Mr. Ride and Mr Hopkins are going to Ferris Institute to examine ...
  • MSUO Staff Bulletin: May 27-June 3, 1961 

    Oakland University (Oakland University, 1961-05-27)
    Calendar ; Calendar details: Memorial Day , Collateral Program "Three , Two , One... Zero!" , Lecture-Concert Series Dr. Wernher Von Braun , University Picnic sponsored by the Student Center Council , Announcements: Directory ...

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