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    • The Role of the Economist in Environmental Issues: Uses and Abuses Of Benefit Cost Analysis 

      Roddy, Juliette K. (Oakland University, 5-01-01)
      Benefit cost analysis is used in both economic fields focusing on the environment: natural resource economics and environmental economics.
    • Editor's Notes 

      Folland, Sherman T. (Oakland University, 7-01-01)
      Oakland Journal Issue 12 editorial notes
    • Michigan State University - Oakland Newsletter Dec.19,1958 

      Unknown author (Michigan State University - Oakland, 1958-12-19)
      Articles on: Publications, Admission Requirements, Enrollment, Tuition & Fees, Curricular Programs, Campus Facilities, School Calendar, Extracurricular Activities, Scholarships.
    • Michigan State University - Oakland Newsletter Jan. 1959 

      Unknown author (Michigan State University - Oakland, 1959-01)
      Articles on: New Director of Admissions, Entrance Examinations, Athletics, Bus Transportation, Part Time Students, Purposes of MSUO.
    • Michigan State University - Oakland Newsletter Feb. 1959 

      Unknown author (Michigan State University - Oakland, 1959-02)
      Articles on: Enrollments, Scholarships, Ground Breaking, Student Employment, Full-Time Employment, Housing, Lost & found Dept., Admissions Requirements, Enrollment, Tuition and Fees, School Calendar, Curriculum Development ...
    • Michigan State University - Oakland Newsletter Mar. 1959 

      Unknown author (Michigan State University - Oakland, 1959-03)
      Articles on: New Chancellor, Building Construction, Bus Schedules, Catalog, Scholarships, Housing Policy, Charter Role, MSUO Scholarship Policy, MSUO Entrance Scholarship, Other Scholarships, Engineering Science at MSUO.
    • Michigan State University - Oakland Newsletter Apr. 1959 

      Unknown author (Michigan State University - Oakland, 1959-04)
      Articles on: Dean of the Faculty, Faculty Appointments, Future Teachers Recruitment Tea, Entrance Exams, MSUO Speakers Bureau, Admissions Requirements, Enrollment, Tuition & Fees, School Calendar, Teacher Education at MSUO.
    • Michigan State University - Oakland Newsletter June 1959 

      Unknown author (Michigan State University - Oakland, 1959-06)
      Articles on: Staff Appointments, Bus Transportation, Intramural Athletics, Release of Curricular Program, Student Employment, Summer Freshman Clinic, Company University, Community College, School of Engineering, Liberal ...
    • Michigan State University - Oakland Newsletter May 1960 

      Unknown author (Michigan State University - Oakland, 1960-05)
      Articles on: Enrollment, Grades, Student Activities, Student Aid, Student Attitudes, Courses for Next Year, Library, Other Buildings, Dormitories.
    • Michigan State University - Oakland Newsletter June 1960 

      Unknown author (Michigan State University - Oakland, 1960-06)
      Articles on: Summer Social Notes, Big Sister Picnic, New Playing Fields, Athletic Building, Dormitories, Library, Science Engineering Building, Fees, Finances, and Scholarships, Campus Life, Student Government, First ...
    • MSUO Staff Bulletin: September 17-24, 1960 

      Oakland University (Oakland University, 1960-09-17)
      Articles on: Registration, Open House, Parents' Convocation, Western Institutions Meeting, Administrative Group Meetings, Macomb County Medical Auxiliary, Guidance Association ,MSOU Starr Bulletin, Dinner Dance at Meadow ...
    • MSUO Staff Bulletin: Sept.24-Oct.1,1960 

      Oakland University (Oakland University, 1960-09-24)
      Articles on : Get - Acquainted dance for staff and faculty , AWS Tea for freshman woman formally welcomed as members of the Association for Women Students , TB Testing Program , Western Institution Meeting , Administrative ...
    • MSUO Staff Bulletin: October 1-8, 1960 

      Oakland University (Oakland University, 1960-10-01)
      Calendar ; Calendar details: Oakland University County Board of Supervisors , Western Institutions Meetings , Study Skills Session , Administrative Group Meeting , Dinner for Honors Students , Demonstration of Tea and ...
    • MSUO Staff Bulletin: Oct. 8 -15, 1960 

      Oakland University (Oakland University, 1960-10-08)
      Radio Series , Record Dance , Western Institution Staff , Study Skills Session Twice Daily , Administrative Group , Round Table Luncheon Meeting , Senate Meeting , University Chorus , Registration Deadline , Concert tickets ...
    • MSUO Staff Bulletin: Oct. 15-22, 1960 

      Oakland University (Oakland University, 1960-10-15)
      Calendar: Foundation scholarship committee open house and tea at Meadow Brook Hall ; University open house ; Western Institutions Staff Meeting ; Ground-breaking ceremony (Kresge Library); Chamber concert ; Announcements: ...
    • MSUO Staff Bulletin: October 22-29, 1960 

      Oakland University (Oakland University, 1960-10-22)
      Calendar ; Calendar details: Western institutions staff meeting ; University chorus ; University seminar ; Masquerade dance ; Announcements:Physical plant inventory ; Administrative group meeting canceled ; Continuing ...
    • MSUO Staff Bulletin: October 29-November 5, 1960 

      Oakland University (Oakland University, 1960-10-29)
      Calendar ; Calendar details: Halloween party ; Developmental programs committee meeting ; Western Institutions staff meeting ; Administrative group meeting ; Movie presentations ; Announcements ; Notes from the Academic ...
    • MSUO Staff Bulletin: November 5-12, 1960 

      Oakland University (Oakland University, 1960-11-05)
      Calendar ; Calendar details: Audio-visual demonstration ; Movie presentations ; Administrative group luncheon meeting ; Faculty seminar ; Election day ; Student-faculty bowling tourney ; Deadline for material for staff ...
    • MSUO Staff Bulletin: November 12-19, 1960 

      Oakland University (Oakland University, 1960-11-12)
      Calendar ; Calendar details: Sadie Hawkins dance ; Tea-reception in honor of Galloway art exhibit ; Movie presentations ; Debate tournament ; Culture internationale ; Third event of lecture series ; Academic senate meeting ...
    • MSUO Staff Bulletin: November 19-December 3, 1960 

      Oakland University (Oakland University, 1960-11-19)
      Calendar ; Calendar details: Trio concert ; Movies ; Western Institutions meeting ; SOS club meeting ; Administrative group meeting ; Holiday vacation ; Advanced student benefit ; Announcements: Shapiro writes again ; ...