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    • Bananas, Beliefs and The Being 

      Schneider, Margaret
      Is the claim that “God’s existence is unknowable” a valid premise for a religious belief? This paper seeks to argue that “determined agnostheism”, a specific version of agnosticism that claims the existence of God unknowable, ...
    • Christianity in Dystopia 

      Halabu, Peter (2013-06-11)
      A dystopian novel addresses societal concerns by asking "what if": what if automation made labor completely superfluous? what if we could divorce life from the realities of reproduction, birth, and death? what if society ...
    • El Camino de Santiago: The Growth of Pilgrimage and the Changing Spiritual Experience on the Road to Santiago de Compostela 

      Morton, Alex (2014-11-07)
      The pilgrimage to the Cathedral of Santiago (El Camino de Santiago or The Way of Saint James, in English) is originally a Christian pilgrimage dating back to early medieval times. It has recently become more popular than ...