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    • Bleeding at the Typewriter: The Potential Link between Creativity and Mental Health in Writers 

      Brockway, Paige
      Regard of the writer as stereotypically solitary, manic, driven by obsessions, or otherwise mentally disturbed is prevalent throughout history and popular culture. This study examines the professed truth behind this ...
    • Depression and Vitamin D Levels in Student-Athletes 

      Tomlinson, Devin
      Depression affects nearly seven percent of adults across the world, with a higher incidence rate in young adults ages 18 to 25. Student-athletes are a subpopulation of college students that are often overlooked in terms ...
    • fragmented. 

      Blanchette, Sarah C. (2016-03-01)
      fragmented. is the exploration of budding womanhood through the fog of personal tragedy. Separated into three phases, the journey begins at complete desolation and, as clarity increases, the healing process begins. As a ...