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    • Art in architecture, January 23-March 13, 1977 

      Unknown author (Oakland University, 1977)
      Catalog of an exhibition held at the Meadow Brook Art Gallery January 23 - March 13, 1977. Includes essays and transcript of a panel discussion and slide presentation held during the exhibition. Includes catalog of the ...
    • Common Misconceptions About Atmospheric Environmental Issues 

      Cronn, Dagmar (Oakland University, 2006-01-01)
      Global warming and stratospheric ozone depletion are major environmental issues much in the news at present. Confusions about these issues prevent many people from understanding much of what they hear. Some of the most ...
    • Current Environmental Initiatives at Oakland University 

      Ren, Simon; Folland, Donna (Oakland University, 2005-01-01)
      The purpose of this article is to present some of the ways in which Oakland University is responding, both as an institution and through the actions of individual faculty and staff, to a call for leadership in environmental ...
    • Energy Assessment, Analysis, Design and Installation of Optimal Photovoltaic Array on a Residential Rooftop 

      Gentry, Ryan (2013-07-15)
      Adding a photovoltaic (solar) array to a rooftop could be an overwhelming project for the average do-it-yourself (DIY) homeowner. There are many areas of research and engineering that are involved in properly designing a ...
    • In Touch, April 1976 

      Oakland University. Alumni Relations (Office of Alumni Relations, 1976-04)
      B.G.S. degree attracts new "breed" student ; Exercise stress tests lead to cardiac program ; Mike Mansour (69,71): teaching urban ecology ; Alumni fund soars past goal
    • The Role of the Economist in Environmental Issues: Uses and Abuses Of Benefit Cost Analysis 

      Roddy, Juliette K. (Oakland University, 5-01-01)
      Benefit cost analysis is used in both economic fields focusing on the environment: natural resource economics and environmental economics.
    • Saving Open Spaces and Special Places 

      Hansen, Fay M. (Oakland University, 2005-01-01)
      Open spaces are currently at risk of development in rural areas.
    • The Oakland Post 1990-02-12 

      Oakland Sail, Inc. (Oakland Sail, Inc., 1990-02-12)
      Congress to rewrite fee referendum: 300 percent graduate increase questioned ; Clear for takeoff ; Engler announces campaign; higher education goals ; Faculty unhappy with state's higher education ; Environmental issues ...
    • The Oakland Post 1990-03-12 

      Oakland Sail, Inc. (Oakland Sail, Inc., 1990-03-12)
      Women swimmers win national championship ; Pioneers pounce Pumas; advance to quarterfinals ; ISIS project encounters rough road ; Student Congress lobbies for federal aid in Washington ; Keeping chins up ; WOUX advancing ...
    • The Oakland Post 1990-03-19 

      Oakland Sail, Inc. (Oakland Sail, Inc., 1990-03-19)
      Measles outbreak; vaccine shortage cause concern in area ; University reprimands fraternity after fight ; Women win; set for war at Final Four: No. 18 Pioneers; gear for battle with fifth-ranked Bentley Falcons ; Trustees ...
    • The Oakland Post 1990-04-09 

      Oakland Sail, Inc. (Oakland Sail, Inc., 1990-04-09)
      Lions to train off campus ; Cooking up unity ; University ticketed by DNR for illegal dumping ; Bonior discusses effects of Eastern Europe's changes ; Students address state representatives ; Multicultural issue talks end ...
    • The Oakland Post 1990-04-16 

      Oakland Sail, Inc. (Oakland Sail, Inc., 1990-04-16)
      Pioneer finds new Japanese exchange program sexist; bugs being worked out ; Ex-student pleads guilty to campus bombings: Sentencing not scheduled ; Loads of recycling ; Renovations made to interim office ; Cisneros speaks ...
    • The Oakland Post 1990-09-24 

      Oakland Sail, Inc. (Oakland Sail, Inc., 1990-09-24)
      Death threats shook prof; wife claims ; On a roll ; Multicultural talks continue: Some student groups disatisfied with progress; hopeful for change ; Parking fines to increase in October; $20-$50 ; Search to fill interim ...
    • The Oakland Post 1990-10-01 

      Oakland Sail, Inc. (Oakland Sail, Inc., 1990-10-01)
      Work on proposed $39 million science building continues ; Student groups dissatisfied with SAB ; Opening wellness ; Phone registration considered ; Recycling program lacking financial support; planning ; Getting down ; OU ...
    • The Oakland Post 1990-10-08 

      Oakland Sail, Inc. (Oakland Sail, Inc., 1990-10-08)
      Alcohol prohibition in residence halls possible ; Committee suggested recycling last year ; Strictly business ; New traffic routes under construction ; Fund-raiser brings faculty; students together ; PCB-emitting generators ...
    • The Oakland Post 1991-04-08 

      Oakland Sail, Inc. (Oakland Sail, Inc., 1991-04-08)
      31 help out in Campus Clean-up ; Handicapped students gain new respect at OU: Handicap Awareness Week ends; but the struggle against inequality continues ; New data network on display in Dodge ; Congress and officials ...
    • The Oakland Post 1992-04-08 

      Oakland Sail, Inc. (Oakland Sail, Inc., 1992-04-08)
      Radioactive waste disposal poses problem for OU; state ; Ad angers students ; Award nominations ; Japan center ; MAGB recognition ; Dance Theatre ; Staff cuts help save Festival ; Forensics out of money; time ; Economic ...
    • The Oakland Post 1992-09-23 

      Oakland Sail, Inc. (Oakland Sail, Inc., 1992-09-23)
      University Senate Action ; ACE-NIP at ou honors Googasian ; Masters to serve on Senate ; Vacancies filled ; Native Americans respond to Columbus ; Squirrel Road closed; aids construction ; Library prepares for review ; Now ...
    • The Oakland Post 1992-11-11 

      Oakland Sail, Inc. (Oakland Sail, Inc., 1992-11-11)
      Patterson wins election ; Inauguration invitation ; NTSA first Holiday sale ; Brown Bag lunch series ; Environmental screen ; Poetry reading ; Frontier history lecture ; JSO-Hillel luncheon set ; Food drive ; Workaholism ...
    • The Oakland Post 1993-11-03 

      Oakland Sail, Inc. (Oakland Sail, Inc., 1993-11-03)
      Students sick at Kresge: Ventilation may be to blame for ailments ; Packard tracks money trail to East Lansing ; Employee morale views differ among OU staff ; Plan helps bridge cultural differences ; Board meetings ; ...