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    • Building Students' Integrative Thinking Capacities: A Case Study in Economics and History 

      Abbott, William; Nantz, Kathryn (Association for Interdisciplinary Studies, 2012)
      Having engaged in interdisciplinary team-teaching in both the two-course cluster format and the single course format, we intend to show how we helped students recognize and find their own integrative insights between the ...
    • The Interdependence of the US and European Economies 

      Shepard, Jacob
      This paper analyzes the interdependence of the economies of the US and Western European countries, using panel data from the years 1979 to 2011. The model specified uses the GDP per capita of the European nation as the ...
    • SBA Insight, Spring 2012 

      School of Business Administration (School of Business Administration, 2012)
      Newsletter of the School of Business Administration